Ohio Gov. DeWine Lifts Curfew and Last Call Order


COLUMBUS, Ohio – During his COVID briefing, Ohio Republican Governor Mike DeWine announced the statewide curfew – which had been amended to begin at 11:00 p.m. from its original 10 o’clock start – expired Thursday and that he would not extend the order.

The rescission came as part of a deal the governor offered Ohioans a few weeks back wherein if the statewide number of COVID hospital patients fell below 2,500 for seven straight days, the mandate to be indoors early would be undone.

Tuesday marked the seventh day below 2,500, but DeWine did not remove the restriction during that day’s briefing.

Press Secretary Dan Tierney told The Ohio Star in an interview for a previous story that the statewide last call order requiring establishments to stop serving drinks by 10:00 p.m. (and patrons to finish drinking by 11), which the DeWine inked in July, expired at the end of November.

The curfew cancelation means that bars can both return to traditional closing times with much later alcohol service cutoffs of 1:00 a.m. or 2:30 a.m.

The curfew was rolled out in November as a 21-day solution based on the need to flatten the spike in case numbers and hospitalizations due to an increased seasonal COVID spread statewide.

The curfew was a compromise, one Ohio State Senator told The Star. DeWine wanted to shut down bars, restaurants, and gyms – but immediate pushback from Ohioans directed at the governor’s office and their state congressional representatives may have caused an about-face.

During the question-and-answer portion of the Thursday presser, DeWine was asked whether he was mulling over the idea of reinstituting the last call order, and if he intends to reinstitute the curfew if things get worse.

A last call order will not be redrawn, the governor stated. He added that even though COVID hospitalizations – the indicator the curfew order was tied to – is a lagging indicator, the trendline he’s looking at shows the virus is being tamped down.

However, DeWine did leave open the possibility the state could again order Ohioans home early.

The entire press briefing can be viewed below.

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Jack Windsor is Statehouse Reporter at The Ohio Star. Windsor is also an independent investigative reporter. Follow Jack on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].









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6 Thoughts to “Ohio Gov. DeWine Lifts Curfew and Last Call Order”

  1. Steve

    “The curfew was a compromise, DeWine wanted to shut down bars, restaurants, and gyms – but immediate pushback from Ohioans directed at the governor’s office……. may have caused an about-face.“

    This little masked governor couldn’t back up his desire to shut Ohio’s citizens in their houses with science, so he created an artificial or “political compromise” to enforce his unconstitutional action just like all of his mandates in this “crisis”.

    Where is the legislation that the statehouse is working on to limit and counterbalance to the governors executive emergency powers? This unsubstantiated overreach period from last March until today cannot be repeated.

    This governor will be held accountable as politicians are, but we need to make sure that future executive office holders do not have the opportunity to wonder so far afield from maintaining the rights of Ohio’s citizens.

  2. Marty

    When is Gov. DeWhine going to drop his unconstitutional mandatory mask mandate? It seems to me he only cares about HIS POWER to control the people of OHIO! I can hardly wait to vote against him. If co 2 is a dangerous gas then why must we breathe in co2? To kill as many seniors as possible? So discussed with our Dictator governor!! Time for a change in Ohio!!!!

  3. Frank Hammond

    Will there be a Primary opponent for DeWiner if he runs in 2022?

  4. Michael S

    I spent 10 weeks in a Florida motor home park along with a thousand other mostly retired older folks. NO one wearing masks! Out having fun and enjoying life not living under totalitarian gov rule. There is not and has not been any “science” to what dewhine has been doing. The “covid” rates in Florida much lower than Ohio. Can’t wait to vote against dewhine as he has stated he will run again.

  5. Don

    So he’s continuing to pretend that interventions have effected natural viral processes. Maybe he should check out rationalground dot com and see just how effective lockdowns, curfews, masks, etc. have been.

    Taking credit for success and blaming and shaming people for “failure” is tyrannical. “A deal the governor offered?” What a crock. He does not get to “deal” in our liberties. Especially when we are not given latitude to refuse the “bargain.” And he’s reserving the right to reinstate the curfew? Where is the legislature to reign him in?!? For [email protected]&ks sale, enough already!

  6. RedSocks157

    Once again, referring to any of this as a “deal” offered by DeWine is ridiculous and insulting. There was never any deal – he unconstitutionally took away people’s God-given rights. It’s not a “deal” when he agrees to give back something that was never his to take in the first place. That’s like getting mugged and the criminal giving you a “deal” that he’ll give you back your wallet if you let him keep your watch!