Cartoon Network Urges Kids to View Each Other by Skin Color

by Catherine Smith


Cartoon Network has released a new Public Service Announcement telling children they must “see color” and view individuals through a skin-color based lens in order to be “anti-racist.”

The new two-minute-long public service announcement, from “Steven Universe” creator Rebecca Sugar and Ian Jones-Quartey, was posted to YouTube earlier this week.

“It’s important to SEE people in all their beautiful COLORS. When you see color and the unique experiences that come from it, you can recognize the role racism plays in our culture AND appreciate everyone and their diversity,” the clip’s description read.

The ad consists of three characters—one white, one black and a purple alien named Amethyst.

The video starts off with a song featuring the lyrics, “colorblindness is our game because everyone’s the same. Everybody join our circle, doesn’t matter if you’re white, or black, or purple.”

“Hold up a minute here, who wrote this?” Amethyst interrupts, as the PSA turns meta. “I think it kind of does matter that I’m purple. I mean, I’m purple because I’m literally an alien.”

“Well I’m not an alien, but it definitely matters to me that I’m black,” the black character shares.

“See Color” was developed with psychologist Dr. Deborah J. Johnson, “who specializes in racial and cultural development,” according to Variety.

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