Republican Lawmakers Override DeWine Just One Day After SB22 Veto


COLUMBUS, Ohio – One day following Governor Mike DeWine’s veto of Senate Bill 22 (SB 22) – legislation aimed at rebalancing power by giving the Ohio Legislature oversight of government rules and orders – the Senate and House both took up the bill and both chambers voted to override the veto.

SB22 will become law in 90 days.

The Senate was first and voted 23-10.  Minutes later the House began floor debate and then voted to override 62-37.

House Majority Floor Leader Bill Seitz (R-Cincinnati) addressed questions about the constitutionality of SB22 in a floor speech Wednesday citing the Joint Commission on Agency Rule Review (JCARR) – a bicameral, bipartisan commission primarily responsible for reviewing rules of Ohio’s 100-plus agencies.  Seitz surmised that if a joint commission can make decisions regarding agency powers, then SB22 can check administrative rules and orders with a concurrent resolution (the law allows the General Assembly to cancel orders by concurrent resolution – which wouldn’t require a governor’s approval).

Seitz acknowleged the bill isn’t perfect, but noted that “changes down the line” that lawmakers could make “shouldn’t obfuscate the reason” SB22 was passed.

House Minority Leader Emilia Sykes (D-Akron) delivered a speech against the bill, claiming that voting to override the veto was akin to “dragging 11.7 million Ohioans” into an argument over whether someone [DeWine] didn’t call you back [legislators] – saying that the General Assembly is out of their lane in matters of public health, as evidenced by non-mask wearing, non-social distance honoring members.

Senator Terry Johnson, SB22 co-sponsor, said during his floor speech in the Senate “it intrigues me when the word science is brought up.”

Johnson, a student of science who has practiced medicine for over 30 years, pointed out that opinion and emotion are not science – and the fact that the votes for and against the bill go along party lines is “politics, not science.”

Johnson, as he did in his first floor speech in favor of the bill before it went to DeWine for a veto, highlighted the 300 Ohioans who testified in favor of the bill when it was in committee.  “These are people who wanted to be heard.”  He continued, “I challenge the media to not do the stories about Terry Johnson” but to look into the 300 proponent testimonies.

“Ask them, ‘What happened to you over the last year?’ ‘What’s your opinion?’ Crickets are what I hear from the media.”

Major elements of SB22 include:

  • 90-day limit to declarations of health emergency unless General Assembly chooses to extend
  • General Assembly can act to rescind emergency declarations after 30 days with a concurrent resolution
  • Orders and agency rules can be rescinded immediately by concurrent resolution of the House and Senate
  • Oversight of orders applies to all state agencies, not just the Ohio Department of Health
  • Oversight of orders applies to not just the Governor, but every state employee empowered to issue an emergency rule or order
  • Ohioans who contest an order, rule or mandate will have the court case heard in their home county, as opposed to a Franklin County court
  • Ohioans who bring legal action against rules, orders and mandates will be reimbursed for legal fees if the citizen wins the case
  • Health departments cannot issue public health emergency orders or rules against a broad group or class of people – SB22 defines quarantine and isolation and thus applies lockdown restrictions to people infected or in direct contact with a medically diagnosed person
  • Health orders have no automatic expiration date – a 120-day expiration is already part of Ohio Revised Code

The Ohio Star reached out to Ohio Governor Mike DeWine for comment on the override and to find out if he intends to legally challenge the law.  Through his Press Secretary Dan Tierney, DeWine released the following statement:

It is too early to tell if there will be legal action. Governor DeWine will review the issue with legal counsel.

Governor DeWine, through his letter Monday and his veto message yesterday, made his serious concerns regarding Senate Bill 22 known to the members of the General Assembly and to the public.  In addition, those who provide healthcare and public health services across Ohio, as well as colleges, local officials, and community organizations, also expressed their deep concerns about Senate Bill 22. Governor DeWine remains focused every single day on doing all he can to ensure every Ohioan who wants a COVID vaccine can get one in the coming weeks, which is truly what will help Ohio put this pandemic behind us.

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Jack Windsor is the Statehouse Reporter at The Ohio Star. Windsor is also an independent investigative reporter. Follow Jack on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].






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12 Thoughts to “Republican Lawmakers Override DeWine Just One Day After SB22 Veto”

  1. Lisadiana

    But will anything really change?? Will the mandates be rescinded in 90 days or will it all be a horse and pony show?

  2. Veenerschnitzel

    I have a feeling someone will wipe it off for him when he’s out of office and has to leave his compound.

  3. Pam Fyffe

    Glad to hear this. DeWine has turned into a dictator as a lot of govermors have throughout this covid 19 mess. I hope we can get these mask mandates removed SOON!

  4. Kat

    Now it’s Ebola. In order to keep Ohio citizens in constant fear, DeWine comes out today and says he vetoed SB 22 because of Ebola? Well that’s weird, because he had said before that he was going to veto it anyway. But now it’s to protect us from Ebola.
    This guy is a petty little power and money hungry tyrant, is out of touch with normal people, and knows that the only way to control us is through fear. But his act has gotten old, and he has 0 credibility left. We’ve already been through Ebola, Mikey, and we’ve suffered for an entire year while you and your minions insisted the sky is falling. But it’s not, and we can see that. So keep trying to control us with fear. Those of us with even half a brain dismiss everything you say immediately as propaganda and emotional manipulation. I can’t wait to vote you out.

  5. Phil Powers

    Keep Joe Blystone in mind at the primaries against DeWine

  6. Don

    No. I completely disagree with the implications of what the previous commenters are saying.

    I will not thank any legislator, bureaucrat or other govt lizard for giving back freedoms that should never have been infringed to begin with. Especially since our freedoms haven’t even been returned yet.

    This bill won’t even go into effect until the he summer, and all DeWine has to do is re-up the mandates at buy another 30-60 days. The sole point of this seems to be to breed complacency.

  7. Marty

    I guess we have to continue wearing our dictator’s masks for another 90 days before this law is legal. I hope our governor doesn’t do anymore stupid stuff. We have illegals running all over our country as free as birds, some with c-19 and most without masks, and receiving stimulus checks. I am so sick of being told to wear a mask. We are definitely on the way to being a communist country.

  8. Cmeinke

    Thank you legislature for finally standing up to this drug out mess of Simon Says.

  9. Jim

    Thank you General Assembly. Way to tell that little dictator to “stick it.”

  10. So much damage by so few

    This bill is a good first step, but why didn’t these legislators act on this measure and others like it when the effects of the governors actions were tearing down the states economy and directly affecting the individual rights of the citizens with “rules, orders and mandates.”

    Late is better than never, so much damage to so many people over such an extended period of time, by so few.

    At least the administration didn’t’t order infected seniors into healthy senior homes as several other liberal Governor’s did. At least not that we are yet aware of.

    With best regards,

  11. Threequeensmom

    It’s not perfect, but I guess it will suffice to tell that Dictator that we’ve had ENOUGH of his reign of terror. Now if he’d only wipe that smirk off his face…