Facebook Bans Story About BLM Co-Founder Buying Expensive Real Estate

Patrisse Khan-Cullors


In the latest example of Silicon Valley censorship, Facebook has banned the sharing of a story about a high-profile Black Lives Matter member purchasing expensive real estate.

“Patrisse Khan-Cullors, the leader of Black Lives Matter and a self-described Marxist, recently purchased a $1.4 million home in an exclusive Los Angeles neighborhood where the vast majority of residents are White, according to reports,” The New York Post originally reported last weekend.

Star News Education Foundation Journalism ProjectFurther reporting revealed that Khan-Cullors purchased three other homes, with the real estate purchases totaling about $3 million. She reportedly made $20,000 per month as a consultant for a jail reform nonprofit, raking in $191,000 in 2019.

The story is an embarrassing one for the Black Lives Matter movement, whose core tenet is that Black Americans are oppressed, and uses Marxist tactics in its pursuit of “social justice.”

But Facebook came to the group’s rescue, and will not allow its users to share the stories about Khan-Cullors living in the lap of luxury.

“This story around Black Lives Matter, we’re talking about four homes valued at $3 million, the head of New York City’s Black Lives Matter chapter is calling for an investigation,” Fox News contributor Joe Concha said on the cable network Friday.

“How is that not a story? Black Lives Matter is a powerful entity, they raised more than $90 million just last year, they should not therefore be exempt from scrutiny or accountability, but Big Tech apparently has their back and says, ‘Nothing to see here, we’re going to censor this,’” he continued. “It is chilling.”

This is not the first time Silicon Valley has barred the sharing of a New York Post story.

In an article titled “Social media again silences The Post for reporting the news,” The Post noted that this is the third time the paper, which is America’s fourth-largest by circulation, has been censored.

The first incident was earlier last year, when The Post ran a story about COVID-19 possibly escaping from a Chinese lab. That story was deemed false by Facebook’s “independent” fact-checkers, and was not allowed to be shared on the platform.

“Today, it’s a commonly discussed theory, with officials from former CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield to CNN’s Sanjay Gupta saying it can’t be discounted. Even the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) has said it can’t be ruled out,” The Post noted.

Even more troubling was the high-profile banning of The Post’s pre-election story about the contents of a laptop owned by Hunter Biden, son of now-President Joe Biden.

That story contained information about the younger Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine, where his father has a sordid history, and about Hunter Biden’s rampant drug use.

Twitter banned The Post from using its platform completely until after the election, and the company’s CEO told lawmakers the ban was a “mistake.”

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