Two Ohio House Republicans Join Democrats in Voting in Favor of Creating Commission to ‘Investigate’ Capitol Riots


Two Ohio Republican House of Representative members voted in favor of a bill Wednesday that creates a commission to investigate the January 6 Capitol Riots.

Reps. Anthony Gonzalez (R-OH-16) and David Joyce (R-OH-14) joined 33 other Republican House members in voting to create the commission. The bill passed 252 – 175.

If H.R.3233 were to be approved by the Senate, it would allow the National Commission to look into the Capitol Riot that happened four months ago.

The commission would be able “to conduct an investigation of the relevant facts and circumstances relating to the attack on the Capitol;” “ identify, review, and evaluate the causes of and the lessons learned from this attack;” and “ submit specified reports containing findings, conclusions, and recommendations to improve the detection, prevention, preparedness for, and response to targeted violence and domestic terrorism and improve the security posture of the U.S. Capitol Complex.”

Former President Donald Trump released a statement after 35 Republicans voted in favor of the commission.

“See, 35 wayward Republicans—they just can’t help themselves. We have much better policy and are much better for the Country, but the Democrats stick together, the Republicans don’t. They don’t have the Romney’s, Little Ben Sasse’s, and Cheney’s of the world. Unfortunately, we do. Sometimes there are consequences to being ineffective and weak. The voters understand!”

To explain his vote, Joyce said that what occurred on January 6 “will forever be a stain on our democracy.”

“While we won’t be able to erase it, we can and should have an independent, bipartisan assessment of the attack and the ensuing law enforcement response so that it never happens again,” he said. “Good men and women had to put their lives on the line that day to confront the violence and chaos that flooded our nation’s Capitol. They – and the American people – deserve to know what happened and how we can fix the failures that occurred. This is about facts, not partisan politics.”

Even though Joyce voted in favor of forming a committee to investigate the Capitol Riot, Joyce did not vote to impeach Trump like Gonzalez did.

After Gonzalez’s vote of impeachment, the Ohio GOP recently censored him and called on the politician to resign.

Gonzalez told that the resolutions passed by the Ohio GOP were “just noise.”

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2 Thoughts to “Two Ohio House Republicans Join Democrats in Voting in Favor of Creating Commission to ‘Investigate’ Capitol Riots”

  1. Lynn

    Too bad these representatives are not smart enough to recognize exactly what this commission is for. It is supposed to have equal representation of Republican and Democrats, yet Pelosi holds the sole right to appoint staff members, these are the people who actually look for evidence and facts-meaning the Democrat side controls what the members see.
    The ONLY purpose of this commission is to keep Jan 6 front and center in the public’s mind for the next eighteen months. Like the Mueller investigation, those months will be filled with constant ‘leaks’ to the media by Democrat representatives claiming to “have seen the evidence” in order to vilify Republican candidates, all to dishearten Republican voters to keep them from the polls in 2022.

  2. Keith

    Joyce lives under his desk. He’s afraid of the media and Democrats and does not understand or does not care how his history of hiding, hurts his party. I hope he is primaried. Joyce has a 53.65 lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union.