Ohio Senate Candidate Jane Timken Angers Trump Allies with Picture Appearing to Claim Endorsement


Jane Timken, U.S. Senate Candidate and former Ohio GOP Chairman, angered individuals close to former President Donald Trump when her campaign placed a picture of her and Trump together under the “Endorsements” section of her website.

The picture, which was taken down after receiving media attention, appeared as though Timken was claiming an endorsement from the powerful figure in Republican politics. However, Trump has not endorsed Timken nor weighed in on the race at any level.

“People close to the president are not happy,” an aid to the former president told Breitbart News.

Trump’s presence in the state will grow as the 2022 midterm elections become closer. In the coming weeks, Trump is holding a rally in Wellington, Ohio to boost the efforts of Max Miller — a former Trump aide. Miller is waging a congressional primary challenge against Anthony Gonzalez, who voted to impeach Trump.

Timken has also received criticism from her opponents for her close relationship to Gonzalez. After the impeachment vote, Timken said that Gonzalez had “a rational reason why he voted that way.” Additionally, Timken’s husband has been a supporter of Gonzalez, organizing a fundraiser for him in a previous election cycle.

“Jane Timken turned her back on President Trump the moment she decided to praise Anthony Gonzales for standing with radical Democrats to impeach him in January,” an Ohio Senate campaign aide told Breitbart.

The GOP primary is crowded and expected to grow larger. There are half a dozen declared candidates in the race with more expected to follow — including Hillbilly Elegy author J.D. Vance who has gained a $10 million investment from Peter Thiel. However, Trump won the state in both 2016 and 2020; therefore, his endorsement will likely clear a path for his preferred candidate

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