Primary Challenger Jim Renacci Accuses Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine of ‘Defending’ Violent Protesters

Mike DeWine in a political ad


Jim Renacci, former U.S. Representative and GOP gubernatorial candidate, released an ad on Tuesday, accusing Governor Mike DeWine of defending violent protestors and placing them ahead of small businesses throughout Ohio.

“While mobs and violent protesters were burning our state down, Mike DeWine defended them and did nothing to protect us from their looting and destruction. Instead, he implemented Andrew Cuomo’s playbook and put the mob first at the expense of Ohioans who were being terrorized,” Renacci said in a statement detailing the new ad.

Renacci has increasingly sought to draw comparisons of the leadership decisions of DeWine and New York’s Cuomo, and he has pledged to “Put Ohio First.”

The campaign statement added, “DeWine has a history of modeling his leadership after Andrew Cuomo, trafficking New York style politics and corruption into Ohio. Tax increases, unnecessary shut downs, rampant fraud and corruption, and pay-for-play scandals will be DeWine’s legacy as governor.”

The 30-second clip shows footage of violent protestors looting and destroying buildings during the course of riots in summer of 2020. Further, it compares the language of DeWine and Cuomo. DeWine says only “a small number” of individuals were violent, and Cuomo claims the majority of protestors were peaceful.

Another focal point of Renacci’s DeWine-Cuomo criticism stems from DeWine’s decision to use taxpayer funds to encourage individuals to receive the coronavirus vaccine. Both governors utilized lottery-style giveaways to persuade individuals.

In his campaign to defeat the incumbent governor, Renacci is working closely with Brad Parscale, President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager. The two released a poll demonstrated that Renacci is currently leading DeWine in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup.

While President Trump has not weighed in on the campaign, he did endorse Renacci in his 2018 bid for U.S. Senate.

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3 Thoughts to “Primary Challenger Jim Renacci Accuses Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine of ‘Defending’ Violent Protesters”

  1. The diminutive executive

    It’s appropriate to compare the diminutive leader to the politicians that he identifies with, extreme leftists. DeWine could have chosen to follow the lead of the right leaning governors in Florida, Texas and Arkansas, but he went with the states that closed down, locked up and stifled the majority of voters who put him in office. In addition, he punished the small business owners in favor of the large corporate ones. At one point you couldn’t shop for your clothes at a small individual owned clothing shop, but you could go to any big box store with no problem.

    The policies that the diminutive executive initiated continued until the state legislature called his bluff. They shut him down, but opened up the state. Now is the time for the voters to shut him down.

    As lieutenant governor this man quit the job half way through, as senator the voters abandoned him, now the citizens have the opportunity to vote him out yet again. Three whiffs in baseball and politics and you’re out

  2. Keith

    I hope DeWine has his posterior handed to him by Renacci or Blystone. We haven’t had a solid Governor since Voinovich. The state needs a Governor for the State and not just Columbus.

  3. Justin Bilyj

    Renacci will be Ohio’s Desantis.