Tea Party Patriots to Host Joint Capitol Hill Rally With Conservative Organizations in Support of Cuban Freedom

People in the streets of Cuba


Jenny Beth Martin and Tea Party Patriots Action will join with the American Conservative Union, other conservative organizations, and members of Congress to hold a rally on Capitol Hill in support of the Cuban people.

In addition to Martin, Leader Kevin McCarthy, Matt and Mercedes Schlapp, Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, and Sen. Marco Rubio are among the scheduled speakers who will call on the Biden Administration to take action.

“The American people stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the people of Cuba as they begin the brave and exciting process of freeing themselves from six decades of communist dictatorship. The Biden Administration is more interested in being cordial with the communist regime than being clear and strong in defending American values and advancing the cause of freedom less than 100 miles from our shores,” TPPA Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin said.

Currently, the Cuban leadership has attempted to crack down on mass protests throughout the country. The authoritarian officials have restricted Internet access and issued mass arrests.

“We recognize that unchecked leftism on the island has stripped Cubans of their right to free speech, their right to bear arms, and their right to democratic elections. We demand immediate and swift action from President Biden to rally global support for the Cuban cause of freedom and against the horrific evils of communism. The Cuban people are defenseless in the hands of the communist regime and America must not abandon them,” continued ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp.

Thousands of protestors recently took to the street in the Little Havana area of Miami to call on the United States to offer stronger support to Cuban citizens.

“We demand that President Biden take immediate and swift action to lead the global effort to stop the human rights abuses against the people of Cuba,” added Mercedes Schlapp.

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