Former President Trump Reiterates Support for Ohio Congressional Candidate Mike Carey, Knocks Contenders



Former President Trump on Tuesday released a statement in order to reiterate his endorsement for Mike Carey, who is running in the upcoming special election to represent Ohio’s 15th Congressional District.

In the statement, Trump also took aim at Carey’s contenders for attempting to align themselves with the former president, who won the district handily in the 2020 election.

“Mike Carey is the only one who has my Endorsement and he’s the one I feel will do the best job for Ohio, and for the United States. Please vote for Mike Carey next Tuesday, and let there be no further doubt who I have Endorsed!” Trump said in a statement.

Trump endorsed Carey early on, calling him a “courageous fighter for the people and our economy, is strong on the Border, and tough on Crime.”

The former commander-in-chief then criticized the other candidates for using his name while campaigning.

“Numerous candidates in the Great State of Ohio, running in Congressional District 15, are saying that I am supporting them, when in actuality, I don’t know them, and don’t even know who they are. But I do know who Mike Carey is—I know a lot about him, and it is all good,” Trump continued.

A quick review of various candidates’ websites and social media platforms quickly demonstrated that numerous candidates are using Trump’s name, validating the claims made in the statement by the former president.

For example, former Ohio State Rep. Ron Hood, who is running against Carey and gained the endorsement of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, describes himself as a “Forever Trumper” on his campaign website. Furthermore, in a Facebook post, Hood highlights the start of early voting with a picture of him beside Trump.

In addition to Hood, state Sen. Bob Peterson features a picture of himself with the former president on his campaign website.

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One Thought to “Former President Trump Reiterates Support for Ohio Congressional Candidate Mike Carey, Knocks Contenders”

  1. Beth Lear

    I wish President Trump actually looked into the people he is backing and didn’t just take his former associate’s word for who is best. Trump is loved in Ohio, but doesn’t know enough about Mike Carey. Carey supported John Kasich – NOT Donald Trump – for President. In fact, Carey gave the max donation. Carey and Lewandowski (a Trump campaign consultant) are personal friends and worked together in former Congressman Bob Ney’s office. Ney was the only Congressman to be charged with felony corruption and get jail time in the Abramoff scandal. Carey became a lobbyist and the company for whom he was lobbying, Murray Energy, is “Company B” in the lawsuit about Ohio’s HB 6. “Company A” is First Energy and just made a $230 million deal with federal prosecutors.Carey is no outsider – he’s the ultimate insider! There are better, true conservatives in the race. Look at people’s records, not at their “claims”.