Phill Kline to Michael Patrick Leahy: ‘Zuckerberg Money Paid for the People Who Boarded Up the Windows and Kicked America Out’


In a special interview, Thursday on First Principles with Phill Kline – host Kline talked with Michael Patrick Leahy, CEO and editor-in-chief of The Star News Network about dropboxes, absentee ballots, and the shirk of law in Georgia and Wisconsin as Zuckerberg’s money kept American’s out of the election process and let the billionaires in.

Kline: Am I correct in my memory that Raffensperger, soon after the 2020 general election, said it was one of the safest and most fair elections in Georgia history?

Leahy: He did.

Kline: But now he’s saying that Fulton County ought to be placed in receivership because they ran the election so poorly.

Leahy: If Fulton County now is placed in receivership, his statement that it was the fairest and most honest election in history is obviously false and incorrect.

Kline: He’s trying to run to the front of your parade, I think, Mike.

Leahy: (Chuckles) Well, it would be nice if he actually gave us some of the documents we requested because that would help. Don’t you think?

Kline: You can’t do that. It would be an admission that he had it the whole time and either never read them or hoped nobody else would ever get them.

Leahy: In Wisconsin absentee ballots, the law does not allow for the placement of absentee ballots and drop boxes in Wisconsin. The law is very clear.

Kline: I thought Governor Evers was the law. I thought he decided every morning.

Leahy: The law there says there are only two ways you can deliver an absentee ballot. You can deliver it in person, or you can put it in the U.S. mail. That’s it.

Kline: That makes sense.

Leahy: The Wisconsin Election Commission asserted authority it did not have and said, yeah, you can put them in these drop boxes. And I think I saw a lawsuit that said there were some 237,000 absentee ballots placed in drop boxes that shouldn’t have been counted.

And what’s interesting about that is it’s fascinating that the Wisconsin State Supreme Court did not follow the law there. They voted four to three that it was okay to break the law.

Kline: That’s criminal. You couldn’t verify it would change the result of the election, and that is actually true. But the problem is the laws aren’t followed. There’s no remedy.

Leahy: It doesn’t matter. What matters is that the law needs to be followed in order for people to have confidence in the process. You know, Georgia with 12 or 13,000 votes that Biden won by. Wisconsin, about 21,000.

These hundreds of thousands of votes are either cast illegally, for which there are not chain-of-custody documents. This is very troublesome to anybody who has common sense, honesty, and integrity.

Kline: Absolutely. In Wisconsin, also, you have the voter ID issue in which those who cast their ballot absentee, Wisconsin requires identification for that. You have to have a driver’s license.

And they have an exception for those who are definitely confined. So if you’re in the hospital and you can’t get out or in prison now, more and more inmates are able to vote or something like that.

But what happened is unilaterally, officials said well, COVID makes everybody indefinitely confined. And in my case, they did that. We did a little social media search of people who voted by absentee because everybody can get those lists as they go through.

Campaigns pick them up. Who’s voted by absentee and so forth through the election. So we went and got them. And then we checked out social media, and a lot of those indefinitely confined were dressed up as Batman or some Marvel character. (Leahy laughs)

And Halloween at a party just before the election. There is just no way that election we can have faith in because these were unilateral localized decisions about how they were going to administer the election. And it actually redefined what type of ballot would be counted.

And as you know, Zuckerberg money paid the election judges. Zuckerberg money paid for the satellite centers in Detroit in Philadelphia.

Zuckerberg money paid for the people who boarded up the windows and kicked America out while the left let the billionaires in. We can’t let it happen again.

Leahy: That’s a big problem and why we need to be on this all the time, Phill.

Kline: Absolutely. And it’s an honor to engage this effort to figure out what happened with you, sir. I butchered the name of your book at the beginning, and I apologize for that. Rules for Conservative Radicals. And you’ve got several other books as well.

Leahy: The one I would recommend that’s a good book, The Covenant of Liberty: The Ideological Origins of the Tea Party Movement lays all this out. And probably when I get some time, I think there’s a sequel to it. And we’re playing right in the middle of that drama right now today.

Kline: You can go to The Covenant of Liberty by Michael Patrick Leahy. And Mike, plug your radio show and your Star News Network.

Leahy: The Star News Network is at My radio show is The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy. You can go to my website,, and listen to it and learn more about me.

Kline: All right Michael, thank you for joining us. And I thank all our listeners for joining us. Michael Patrick Leahy is of the school of journalism that I remember when I first started getting engaged in politics back in 1984, 1986, very actively involved.

They were people who would dig for the truth. Now they had some cynicism. They would approach me as a party official and later as an elected official with some cynicism. They always wanted to test what I said. But it was a healthy cynicism.

It wasn’t pushing a narrative. Journalism and the networks did not have the belief that the American people are unable to figure out the truth. Now, they believe that you’re too stupid to receive information, so they have to filter, interpret it, and push it upon you.

The elitists in America who are assuming authority and control over many institutions in America believe you’re the problem. And freedom is the problem. That we have a totalitarian elite that can best determine where you eat, who you visit, how far you stand from one another, whether your mask covers your nose and your mouth.

Even though they don’t follow their own rules, they want you to be afraid of something of which they are not afraid. Because it’s more about authority and about expanding the role of government. And that’s what Marxism is.

Assuming jurisdiction over your thoughts, over your speech, over your ability to provide for your family, and how you express yourself politically. And we’re seeing that in America. This nation must take a stand.

And American freedom has been protected when Americans have the courage and the conviction to protect the freedom of those with whom they disagree. That’s what it’s going to take. An express rejection of cancel culture.

We believe in America. If somebody is stupid, guess what? We don’t cancel them. Let them speak, reason against them, win the battle of ideas, and don’t use power to silence and exclude people.

That’s the great heritage we’ve been gifted, the ability to see the good even within the bad. We have to stand up for each other, or they’re coming for you next.

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