Ohio Gov. DeWine Administration Encourages School Districts to Implement Mask Mandates


Governor Mike DeWine announced on Tuesday that his administration will make a “direct appeal” to local school districts, encouraging them to implement mask mandates.

According to DeWine, the move is an attempt to control the increase of positive coronavirus cases throughout the state.

“Today, @OhioChildHosp is making a direct appeal to school superintendents, asking all schools in Ohio to require masks for staff and students during this very dangerous surge of #COVID19,” DeWine said.

The governor detailed that the move could help kids remain in the classroom throughout the school year.

“We all share the goal of keeping our kids in school. Reasonable people may disagree about a lot, but we can all agree that we must keep our children in the classroom so they don’t fall behind and so their parents can go to work and not take time off to watch their kids at home,” he continued.

While DeWine has consistently encouraged schools to reinstate mask mandates in districts throughout the state, no broad mandates have been issued.

However, because of his suggestions, DeWine has faced criticism, specifically from his GOP primary challenger Jim Renacci.

“Now, he is overreacting again. But because the Ohio General Assembly has tied his hands on mandates, he is using his bully pulpit in an attempt to strong arm and scare local school boards into requiring masks,” Renacci said in a piece in the Akron Beacon Journal.

“No child should be forced to wear a mask eight hours a day by an out of touch elected official or appointed bureaucrat. Decisions as to whether to wear a mask or obtain a vaccination should be left to parents and parents alone. Parents should be trusted to make the best decisions for their children.”

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3 Thoughts to “Ohio Gov. DeWine Administration Encourages School Districts to Implement Mask Mandates”

  1. this guys a clown

    This governor is returning to the scene of the crime, last year he tried “the we should all wear a mask” approach (leaving the choice to the individual) early on, then went with tried and true political option of coercion, forcing private businesses to demand that employees require them. He did this at first through the health department, I.e., calling off the in person primary, then as he increased the pressure, he had threatened businesses through penalizing unemployment benefits of the private sector if they refused to comply.

    With his re-election in the headlights and the slap down from the statehouse minimizing his emergency powers he is afraid the voting public will go completely against him if he dictates directly from the governors throne this very unpopular political move. Thus he’s come up with using the school boards to do his dirty work, this guys a clown.

    As with all rhino/democrats, his actions in this medical situation he chose (and still chooses) a political solution and one that is despised by the voters. The only way to resolve this problem is use his method, a political response, primary him so that he can spend more time with his family.

  2. Ohio Historian

    “attempt to control the increase of positive coronavirus cases throughout the state”. You mean that the cases, that are leveling out or dropping since school started, are because of schools? The last numbers I saw were 70% of the propagation is in the home.

  3. Keith

    Fact is, masks do NOTHING to stop a virus. Areas with high vaccination are showing high covid infestation. The AMA, CDC and FDA have all been politicized and DeWine is a typical ‘go with the flow’ Governor to cover his campaign. Budesonide, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine are safe and proven remedies to those infected with covid, which has a 98+% survival rate, just like the common flu. A real leader would “direct appeal” to the Feds to stop feeding their pharmaceutical cash cow and start demanding answers.