Afghan Refugees Bringing Numerous Diseases to U.S., Including Measles, Malaria, and Tuberculosis

by Eric Lendrum


The tens of thousands of Afghan refugees being imported into the United States by the Biden Administration are carrying numerous dangerous diseases in addition to the Chinese coronavirus, including malaria, measles, and tuberculosis, as reported by Breitbart.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) admitted to the influx of diseases through the Afghan arrivals in a statement on Monday, declaring that all of the refugees will be required to take the measles vaccine; however, there are still no measures in place to require them to receive a coronavirus vaccine.

According to the CDC press release, they had been “notified by public health departments of 16 measles cases among the evacuees.” Subsequently, they ordered that “evacuees who are in the United States are required to be vaccinated with MMR and complete a 21-day quarantine from the time of vaccination at U.S. ‘Safe Haven’ designated locations.”

The “safe havens” primarily consist of military bases across the country. Among those that have seen measles outbreaks due to the arrival of Afghanis include three bases in Virginia, and five other bases in the states of Indiana, New Jersey, New Mexico, Texas, and Wisconsin.

Furthermore, the CDC revealed that numerous other viruses were caused as a result of the arrival of Afghan refugees, including: hepatitis A, leishmaniasis, mumps, tuberculosis, varicella, and the coronavirus.

Despite the increasing public health and national security risks of thousands of unvetted Afghanis being brought into the country, the Biden Administration is moving forward with efforts to bring over 95,000 of them into the country over the course of the next year. The effort aims to resettle the refugees throughout 46 states across the country.

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Eric Lendrum reports for American Greatness.






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