GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Jim Renacci Condemns DeWine’s ‘Silence’ on Critical Race Theory


Former U.S. Representative Jim Renacci, a contender for the Ohio GOP Gubernatorial nomination, condemned current Governor Mike DeWine for “silence” on Critical Race Theory.

The contentious issue, which has led multiple states to ban the teaching of the topic, has been the subject of widespread criticism from elected leaders.

In Ohio, two potential laws introduced in the Ohio House of Representatives would prohibit teaching “an individual, by virtue of the individual’s race or sex, is inherently racist, sexist or oppressive, whether consciously or unconsciously.”

However, DeWine has been silent on the issue, according to Renacci.

“Mike DeWine has been conspicuously silent on the pair of bills making their way through the state legislature that would protect our schoolchildren from being indoctrinated by Critical Race Theory. But we already know DeWine has been forcing Critical Race Theory into schools and supports teaching our children they should feel guilty about simply existing and that they are born racist,” Renacci said in an emailed statement.

Furthermore, the GOP challenger argued that DeWine’s previous appointments are troublesome.

“Seven of the eight members of Ohio’s State School Board that DeWine appointed all supported and voted for CRT to be part of the curriculum. This is another example of DeWine dividing Ohioans and endangering our children—through racial stereotyping and segregation— instead of bringing everyone together,” he continued.

Critical Race Theory remains a crucial issue throughout the state. Dozens of proponents of the proposed legislation rallied on the Ohio Capitol’s south plaza to demonstrate their support of the measure.

Earlier this year, a large number of teachers across the state of Ohio signed a pledge to continue to teach Critical Race Theory, even if the decision violates the law.

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2 Thoughts to “GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Jim Renacci Condemns DeWine’s ‘Silence’ on Critical Race Theory”

  1. Crayon eater the third

    So thanks to crt, traditional resentment against poor to rich is replaced by race resentment and will progressively get worse from inflation? Mr. Magoo and incompetent dogooder are gonna cause race war and the rich will all flee to new zealand. We need a temporary caesar! The people are voting in our collective destruction!

  2. he will find out soon enough

    Why can’t this diminutive governor remain silent, period. Renacci Is correct to challenge this man to tell us what he thinks on this subject and many others.

    The governor has begun taking the silent political road, fearing that if his true positions on most issues would expose him to the base which oppose his past stances across the board.

    Once the primary gets into full swing and President Trump endorses a Republican candidate who’s name is not DeWine you will see the momentum kick in and the governor will get a better view of how much he and his weak positions are disliked in the state of Ohio.

    This governor has the worst reading of how his constituents feel about him and his terrible positions on the issues, he will find out soon enough.