U.S. Senate Candidate JD Vance Hauls in $1.75 Million in First Fundraising Quarter, Notes Key Grassroots Support


U.S. Senate candidate JD Vance announced on Thursday that his campaign hauled in approximately $1.75 million in the first fundraising quarter as a declared contender.

Of the donations, Vance’s campaign celebrated “grassroots” support, with more than half of donors contributing $50 or less.

“I’m overwhelmed with the great amount of support from all over Ohio that we’ve received since I announced my candidacy,” Vance told Fox News in a statement. “It is truly humbling to know that more than 7,500 people decided that our shared vision was worth opening up their checkbooks for.”

Furthermore, the report from Fox News details that the campaign gathered support from 7,577 unique donors and from 86 out of Ohio’s 88 counties.

“Polls are moving our direction. We had a really good first quarter fundraising number, and what I really am excited about is most of our donors are people who gave less than $50. It’s real people – middle class people – not just big donors. That’s a big deal to me,” Vance said in an additional interview.

Vance’s fundraising numbers are similar to much of his competition in Ohio.

By comparison, former Ohio GOP party chair Jane Timken on Friday detailed that her campaign brought in $1.7 million over the same time period. Ohio businessman Bernie Moreno ended last fundraising after gathering $2.25 million.

In addition to Vance’s grassroots donations, billionaire Peter Thiel pledged $10 million to Vance’s super PAC, along with a “significant donation” from the Mercer family.

In the first month of his campaign, Vance has hit the ground running. Vance has gathered endorsements from multiple key officials. Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO), Congressman Jim Banks (R-IN-03), and former Trump national security advisor Robert O’Brien have all pledged to support Vance.

Nearly a dozen candidates are vying for the GOP nomination to replace retiring Senator Rob Portman (R-OH).

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One Thought to “U.S. Senate Candidate JD Vance Hauls in $1.75 Million in First Fundraising Quarter, Notes Key Grassroots Support”

  1. The dog that didn’t bark

    The dog that didn’t bark is the key to the Ohio Republican parties strategy, nowhere in this article is Josh Mandel’s name or filing amount. Did Mandel not file a required quarter ending donation report or did the reporter chose not to include the amount.

    Mr Moran, please don’t play their game, two of the candidates you mention in your piece are establishment surrogates, Vance and Timpken.
    When you see Peter Thiel and the Mercer family donating you might as well throw in the Koch “Brothers” and Senator Mitch to round off the establishment investors.