Ohio Closer to Establishing Electric Vehicle Commission

by J.D. Davidson


A bill passed in the Ohio House would help the state prepare for a future with electric vehicles.

House Bill 292, which was passed in the House on Thursday, establishes the Electric Vehicle Commission, consisting of elected officials and industry leaders, to study electric vehicle production and the steps needed to take to adapt to potential growth in the industry.

“By establishing an Electric Vehicle Commission, House Bill 292 thrusts Ohio forward, into overdrive, towards an Electric Vehicle Future,” said Rep. Lisa Sobecki, D-Toledo, the bill’s sponsor. “As a state, we need to be better prepared for Electric Vehicle production, implementation, and proliferation. My bill puts Ohio on more secure footing and will drive economic opportunity.”

Monument protection: The General Assembly passed legislation this week that would protect monuments, statues, memorials, artillery and plaques in honor of war service on public property from being destroyed, moved or altered.

Senate Bill 59, the Ohio Veterans’ Heritage Protection Act, passed the Senate over the summer and the House on Tuesday. It now heads to Gov. Mike DeWine.

“Preserving war relics is more than just the cannon in front of city hall, it is about our nation’s history, sacrifice, and remembrance,” Rep. Adam Miller, D-Columbus, said. “This bill prohibits someone from selling war relics owned by the public – all of us – ensuring that generations to come will understand the price of freedom from The Revolutionary War to today.”

The bill comes as states and communities around the country have removed Confederate statues over the past several years. While not a war relic, the city of Columbus removed a statue of Christopher Columbus in front of city hall over the summer. That move came during the summer of 2020 when other statues of controversial historic figures were also removed across the country.

The bill prohibits a war relic on public property or in a cemetery association from behind sold, bought or disposed of, destroyed, relocated, altered or disturbed.

Gas-tax credit: A temporary tax credit could be applied to higher blended biofuels in the state if a bill that unanimously passed the House also passes the Senate.

Bill sponsor Rep. Riordan McClain, R-Upper Sandusky, said a 5-cents-per-gallon credit could create more demand for Ohio-based products.

“Cheaper, cleaner, renewable, and importantly for us, locally grown and produced. We can help level the playing field for our local Ohio growers and refiners with this legislation.” McClain said.

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An Ohio native, J.D. Davidson is a veteran journalist at The Center Square with more than 30 years of experience in newspapers in Ohio, Georgia, Alabama and Texas. He has served as a reporter, editor, managing editor and publisher.
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One Thought to “Ohio Closer to Establishing Electric Vehicle Commission”

  1. These guys are republican?

    Why would a republican controlled house allow a piece of green new deal legislation even come up in their house as proposed by a minority member? There should be an investigation into the republican members who voted for this legislation, there must be a payoff for them already or in their future.

    The republican position on business should be that industry identifies a need in the market and creates product to satisfy this market demand. The state government should not be identifying winners and backing them, this is the Marxist lefts method of strong arming their ideological wishes into existence.

    The fact that they are meeting the republican senate at the marital alter to bless this anti free market wedding tells you all you need to know about this legislation. As soon as the marriage is blessed by the joint state houses the left wing governor will consummate this mess with his tiny little scroll.

    So the state republican leadership thinks that by bringing in a California blended biofuel scheme and supporting it with state taxes is a winning formula. As you can see in California they have the highest prices for fuel in the nation and this is what they want for the voters who put them in office? What are these so called republicans thinking, increased spending, higher taxes and more regulation are why the majority of voters in Ohio, republican, put them in office?