Ohio GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Jim Renacci to Announce His Lieutenant Governor Pick


Ohio GOP gubernatorial candidate Jim Renacci will announce his pick for lieutenant governor on December 2nd in West Chester Township, according to an emailed press release.

Throughout his campaign, Renacci has portrayed his potential administration as a more conservative alternative to Governor Mike DeWine and Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted.

Previously, Renacci has remained critical of both DeWine and Husted.

“Whether it is COVID mandates or siding with liberal Democrats to deny Ohioans their freedoms, Mike DeWine has consistently proven he is not the conservative leader he has tried to lead us to believe,” Renacci said. “DeWine is the biggest RINO in America today and it is time to send him packing so we can begin to undo all the misery he has brought to Ohio.”

Furthermore, Renacci and other critics have remained skeptical of the involvement of the duo in an ongoing bribery scandal that has entangled multiple officials.

The Ohio House of Representatives voted to expel former Speaker Larry Householder (R-Glenford), following Householder’s indictment in an alleged $60 million federal bribery scheme.

Householder and four other individuals were arrested in July, related to a taxpayer-funded bailout of two nuclear power plants in Ohio

“DeWine’s Lt. Governor will have to tell what he knows to the court. He owes that much to the people who were fired over their involvement in the HB6 dark money bribery scheme, and believe Dishonest Jon Husted is letting them take-the-fall by holding back information for their legal case, hiding his own involvement in the scheme,” Renacci said in a statement. “DeWine desperately wants this scandal to go away, but Ohio taxpayers who were defrauded by this scheme need to know.”

“DeWine’s crooked administration needs to go and Ohioans need to know the truth. As Governor, I will bring transparency, honesty, and strong leadership to Ohio, and I will fight for true conservative values.”

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One Thought to “Ohio GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Jim Renacci to Announce His Lieutenant Governor Pick”

  1. Tell us what you will do, then do what you say

    Truth, justice and the American way, yeah, yeah, yeah.

    I believe that DeWine is suspect of questionable (if not illegal) behavior in the the execution of his job, especially in regards to the virus issues, but Renacci needs to spell out what he specifically will do as our first “Maga” governor. What will he do to end the present office holders abuse of the public and his obsessive overreach into the private rights of the citizens and small businesses the past 21 months.

    Please lay out what a Renacci administration will look like, what are the specific peoples priorities. We need to know bis key ideas so we can grade him as he executes them. We need a basis to understand what he will do, an action list. Tell us what you will do, then do what you say, as Jim Jordan says, it’s not that difficult.

    Why has not Jim Jordan come out to support his candidacy? They are either on the same page or not.