‘Detransitioners’ Come Out Against Sex Change Procedures and Gender Ideology

by Laurel Duggan


Young women who regretted undergoing sex changes in their adolescent years spoke about their experiences and the adults who allowed them to transition in a Tuesday Substack article by Suzy Weiss.

The women, sometimes referred to as “detransitioners,” were given extreme biomedical interventions ranging from hormones and puberty blockers to double mastectomies in adolescence to relieve their gender dysphoriaaccording to the article. Several blamed the adults in their lives for failing them.

Helena Kerschner, who began identifying as transgender at age 15, said she had mental health issues that went unaddressed until school counselors began encouraging her to transition, she told Weiss.

“As soon as I said I was trans, it was all hands on deck,” she said.

Days after turning 18, Kerschner drove to Chicago from her hometown of Cincinnati, spoke with a social worker and was prescribed testosterone by a nurse practitioner without ever seeing a doctor, she told Weiss. She convinced the nurse practitioner, who initially recommended 25 milligrams weekly, to prescribe her 100 milligrams.

The drug negatively impacted her mental health, and she began hitting herself and once went to the emergency room after cutting herself with a knife. She “detransitioned” in 2018.

“The fact that there’s adults as high up as in the Biden administration putting out these claims that young people need to medically transition is really dangerous,” Kerschner told Weiss. “There’s no logic to it.”

A 27-year old named Julie, who took hormones for five years and had a double mastectomy, blamed her parents and doctors for allowing her to transition and said her parents were “super on board and started really identifying with being trans parents,” according to the article.

“It took a goddamn village,” she told Weiss, calling her medical experience a “collaborative idiocy.”

Three of the women in the story discussed the role the social media site Tumblr played in their transitions. One woman said she started identifying as transgender at 12 during a time when she was spending much of her time on the site, and another said she learned about words like “pansexual” and bigender on Tumblr at age 12 and began to wonder if she was a boy. Both would go on to medically transition and regret their decisions.

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Laurel Duggan is a reporter at Daily Caller News Foundation.
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One Thought to “‘Detransitioners’ Come Out Against Sex Change Procedures and Gender Ideology”

  1. Belle colon

    Affirming someone’s gender identity and way of living is a basic human right to healthcare and to live your life. Many people deal with conditions and things that they need to turn to a professional medical to get help with. If we had a better people in government who weren’t trying to censor education and make it hard for people to grow up better understanding real life situations society and being educated about the truth of humanity. And that things aren’t just black and white then maybe we wouldn’t have detransitioners. If our school education system didn’t try to treat everything as if it was beautiful sprinkles and cupcakes and actually spoke about the reality of life. And actually recognized that trying to throw things under the rug because people are just too sensitive to these things and actually embrace the fact that there are a lot of different types of people out there and a lot of different ways to live your life and express yourself and be affirmed People wouldn’t be so confused and lost all the time trying to figure shit out on themselves because our school system is failing people miserably in our local government and politics are so washed that we have things like this happening to people….. everyone deserves the right to live their life. Everyone deserves the basic access to healthcare. A doctor is going to do their best to educate and help someone make an informed decision for whatever happens outside of that is not the doctors fault and responsibility it is a 50-50 two-way street. There’s a lot of disclosures and things that are to be said and conversations that need to be had before certain decisions are made. Let’s grow up be accountable for our actions and stop trying to put blame on other people who have done nothing but try to affirm and let people live their life authentically .