Ohio Church to Host Holiday Children’s Story Time with Drag Queens

LGBTQ rights activists have scheduled a Holi-drag Storytime, a faction of Drag Queen Story Hour, geared towards small children as young as two years old for next weekend in Central Ohio.

The event is scheduled to be held at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus on December 3rd and is being marketed as an annual LGBTQ+ holiday tradition for the entire family.

The promotion says that three local drag queens will be in attendance to read books “highlighting inclusion and acceptance” to the children and will perform a few holiday numbers.

The event page states that the event is for “children of ALL ages” specifically noting that any child 2 or under can get in for free. The event endeavors to entice a larger crowd by offering free hot chocolate, apple cider, candy canes, and goody bags to attendees.

The First Universalist Church of Columbus proudly posts on its website its support of the radical left agenda that they are an LGBTQ-welcoming congregation celebrating diversity and honoring and affirming all people without regard for sexual orientation.

“We recognize that there’s always something more to learn and remain open to deepening our understanding about the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people,” the website states.

Event organizers, Red Oak Community School, touts its mission as to prepare students “to be environmental stewards and champions of social justice” and fosters “students’ sense of their place and power in the natural world and in their communities.” The group has set up a fundraiser to collect donations for “every hateful comment, dislike, or phone call received about the upcoming event.”

“Over here at ROCS, we meet hate with LOVE! For every nasty comment, dislike, negative email, phone call, etc. we receive about our upcoming FABULOUS fundraiser, we’re collecting donation pledges for a local LGBTQ+ organization. Click below to put in your pledge and we’ll see how much LOVE can combat hate,” the School broadcasted on social media.

Similar events have caused controversies in the past.

Last year, law enforcement arrested Brett Blomme, a judge with connections to the Drag Queen Story Hour organization, on seven counts of child pornography possession.

“As the leaders of DQSH Milwaukee & DQSH HQ, we absolutely condemn pedophilia, We are angry and outraged by Brett’s actions,” DQSH Executive Director Jonathan Hamilt told Fox News. “Pedophilia has no place in the LGBT community and no place in society as a whole.”

The Columbus Proud Boys announced that it will be attending the event to stand outside and protest and encouraged other Ohioans to join them.

“The Columbus Proud Boys would like to announce that we will be attending the Holi-drag Storytime being held at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus on December 3rd! We look forward to meeting all of the attendees and welcome Americans from all over to join us. It’s gonna be wild! Stand by for details…” the announcement said.

Parents say they are concerned about their children being exposed to adult entertainment through these events.

“Drag queens are performers who have been up until now intended for adult audiences adults have the life experience and maturity to understand what is going on and to deal with the humor shock value innuendo and campy of these performances. Putting a drag queen in front of small children, especially in the name of drag queen entertainment is something entirely new. It is a social experiment and it’s children as young as three who are subjected to this experiment. In a time where kids are trying to learn to just be kids is it necessary to introduce them to adult themes?” Concerned parent Bethany Harry said.

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Hannah Poling is a lead reporter at The Ohio Star and The Star News Network. Follow Hannah on Twitter @HannahPoling1. Email tips to [email protected]




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3 Thoughts to “Ohio Church to Host Holiday Children’s Story Time with Drag Queens”

  1. Jack

    But aren’t these folks who “don’t feel safe” without police protection the very ones who want to “Defund the Police”?

  2. Rocky

    Certainly this so-called church is only a front for Lucifer, The Devil, and Satanic influence.
    What a sick perversion for any so-called religious to promote this show. God will certainly punishment all those inolved in the Great Judgment Day who produce this type of madness especially for children. Satan is Alive and at Work on Planet Earth!!!

  3. Tim

    This flies in the face of biblical scripture and should be CONDEMNED by God-fearing Christians.