Bob Corlew Commentary: To Secure Our Nation’s Future, We Must Secure Our Border

by Judge Bob Corlew


Throughout the course of my campaign, I have visited every county in Tennessee’s 6th Congressional District multiple times. Each and every community in our district faces different challenges, but one constant refrain I hear from voters is they want our Congressman to stand with President Trump to secure our nation’s future for our children and grandchildren. I also hear concerns from voters about illegal immigration and problems at the border. I share these concerns, and believe that if we don’t secure our border, then we can’t secure our nation’s future.

Voters are no doubt skeptical of those who promise a secure border because they have heard it all before. Many in elected office get to Washington and forget the promises they made to their constituents on illegal immigration and securing the border. I believe one reason is because these politicians don’t fully comprehend the problem and what needs to be done to secure our border.

When I get to Congress, I want to help President Trump finish the wall and stop illegal immigration, but I believe actions speak louder than words. That is why I visited the U.S-Mexico border last week to understand what are the real problems at the border and what I can do in Congress to solve them. Along the border, I had the privilege to meet with border patrol agents, law enforcement officials and small business owners, and walk along the current wall that is between our country and Mexico. I witnessed our border patrol and law enforcement bravely protecting and serving our country despite constant criticism from the liberal left and those in media. Those who protect, serve, and live along the border were thankful that a potential member of Congress from hundreds of miles away took time to visit them. They were thankful that I wanted to listen and learn about what actually needs to be done to secure our border and stop illegal immigration. Listening, taking action, and exhibiting leadership on tough issues were a core component of my service as Judge for 30 years, and I will take those same values to Congress if I am elected.

What I heard along the border should not be surprising. To secure the border and stop illegal criminal aliens from entering our country, we must finish the wall, end chain migration, and be vigilant in the pursuit of dangerous criminals like the notorious MS-13 gang who have engulfed families and neighborhoods. To protect the border, the border patrol and law enforcement need more resources to do their jobs.

Securing our future also means securing our border from drug traffickers bringing dangerous illegal counterfeit drugs, like those laced with fentanyl, across the border and into our communities that harm our neighbors and devastate our families.

Jobs and a secure economic future are also topics I heard at the border and while I travel throughout the 6th District. To secure a bright economic future for our children and grandchildren in Tennessee, we must also keep American jobs from crossing over the border due to unfair trade deals and unfavorable business climate. When I get to Congress, I will work with the Trump administration bring back jobs across the border and back to our state so generations of Tennesseans can work in Tennessee.

Voters in the 6th Congressional District deserve someone who will work to secure our country’s future, not just pay it lip service around campaign time. Actions speak louder than words, and I visited the border wall so when I get to Congress, I know what I can do to secure the border so that we can secure our nation’s future.









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2 Thoughts to “Bob Corlew Commentary: To Secure Our Nation’s Future, We Must Secure Our Border”

  1. Jim Brown

    P R stunt by Retired career politician (30 years in office) Judge Bob Corlew. Why have you waited until now to visit the border, why are supporting this now? John Rose has been advocating support of the Wall and border security since the beginning of his campaign.
    Come on Bob, enjoy your retirement on your farm in Murfreesboro.

    1. Stuart I. Anderson

      SPEAKING OF ADVOCACY! This past September the candidacy of John Rose simply captured the imagination of Charles W. Bone and his daughter-in-law Sacha as they each contributed $2,700 to Rose’s candidacy. Charles is one heck of an advocate in his own right, insofar as The Tennessean identified him as someone who “. . .has long been a player in Democratic fund-raising.” Indeed, his son Charles Robert raised some $500,000 for Obama in 2012.

      Insofar as some Republican is going to be elected from the Sixth District the liberal Democratic heavy hitters in the Bone family apparently are really enthusiastically in favor John Rose. John Rose’s campaign manager can have him advocate in favor of apple pie and the American Way and say “conservative” 150 times in a sixty second ad, why would ANY Republican possibly support an otherwise unknown candidate who has garnered the enthusiastic support of members of one of the most renown liberal Democratic families in Middle Tennessee?