Commentary: Tennessee Among the Nation’s Six Hottest US Senate Races

US Senate Bredesen and Blackburn

by CHQ Staff


As the first part of GOP primary election season wraps conservatives have reason to be optimistic about the chances of adding to our numbers in Mitch McConnell’s broken U.S. Senate.

At a major meeting of conservative leaders yesterday, some of the movement’s best political minds handicapped the Senate races with us, and this is where we see the hottest conservative campaigns as of today.

West Virginia:

Conservative West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey emerged victorious in the hard-fought GOP primary and immediately jumped to a lead over incumbent Democrat Joe Manchin in the polls. Polls this far out from Election Day normally mean little, but when the incumbent is behind the challenger it is a good indication that West Virginia’s voters, who gave President Trump a 48 point advantage in the 2016 election have caught on to the fact that Manchin is a hypocrite, not a conservative.


Conservative Representative Marsha Blackburn has the nomination to succeed retiring establishment Republican Senator Bob Corker. Blackburn, an excellent speaker and TV presence, is one of the House’s strongest voices on the pro-life agenda. Even better, when Corker started making noise about maybe un-retiring, Rep. Blackburn said “bring it on” facing down the establishment interests who would have liked to keep Corker, the author of Obama’s traitorous nuclear weapons deal with Iran, in charge of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.


Conservatives are backing Matt Rosendale to take on incumbent Democratic Senator John Tester in the Gem State’s GOP primary.  Rosendale has already proven himself in a statewide race and has the experience to take on incumbent Democrat Tester. As State Auditor, Rosendale cut operating costs by 23 per cent and refused a pay increase; he is right on life, the Second Amendment, immigration and the Trump pro-growth economic agenda. President Trump is still seething over the false claims Tester made that derailed Admiral Ronnie Jackson’s nomination to head the Veterans Administration. Should Rosendale win the primary as expected, look for the President to weigh-in heavily against Tester.


Outsider conservative businessman Mike Braun won a convincing victory in Indiana’s three-way GOP primary, taking out two incumbent Republican Congressmen. President Trump has already been to Indiana to endorse Braun and incumbent Democrat Joe Donnelly is already feeling the heat. Look for Braun to hold Donnelly’s feet to the fire for being part of the DC Swamp and a hypocrite on many issues important to Indiana conservatives the same way he attacked Representatives Messer and Rokita during the GOP primary.


Missouri’s conservative Attorney General Josh Hawley is the conservative consensus candidate to take on Missouri’s incumbent Democratic Senator, the detestable Claire McCaskill. President Trump bested Hillary Clinton by 19 points in Missouri and McCaskill was one of Clinton’s most visible surrogates. Hawley, like West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, has been a leader in the fight against Obama-era regulations. Hawley is right on the pro-life agenda, the Second Amendment, immigration and the Trump pro-growth economic agenda.


Many readers may wonder why we included principled limited government constitutional conservative rock star Ted Cruz in our list of “hot” races. President Trump won Texas by 9 points and Cruz has a 96 percent conservative rating, which should put him in good stead in the conservative Lone Star state. Cruz also polled almost twice as many votes as all the Democratic senate candidate combined in the Texas primary. Cruz is in the “hot” race category because his opponent, incumbent Democratic Rep. Beto O’Rourke raked in almost $7 million in the first three months of 2018 thanks to tons of Hollywood and East Coast liberal donors. Other than President Trump, there’s no Republican who Democrats hate more than Senator Cruz, and the liberal media is already building O’Rourke into a “Kennedyesque” figure who can take out the Senate’s most visible limited government constitutional conservative.

Monday we will handicap another group of GOP Senate candidates and races to round out what we see as the top two tiers of GOP pick-up prospects.






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