Dr. Simone Gold Commentary: We Do Not Consent

by Dr. Simone Gold


Author’s note: The below is the Op-Ed that was accepted to USAToday on June 24. They deleted key phrases/paragraphs for their print paper and then they refused to print it at all online.

It is clear to me as a physician-lawyer that the disinformation about both Covid-19 and the Constitution has caused us to turn a medical issue into a legal crisis.

The scientific usefulness of a mask has been so aggressively overstated, and the foundational importance of the Constitution has been so aggressively understated, that we have normalized people screaming obscenities at each other while hiking.

The Covid virus was supposed to be contained in the kind of lab where people wear astronaut suits and go through triple sealed doors. It is a con of massive proportion to assert that now, having escaped those environs, a bandana will magically do the trick.

After all, size matters.

The pore size of cloth face coverings range from ~ 20-100 microns.   The Covid virus is 200-1000x smaller than that, at 0.1 microns. Putting up a chain link fence will not keep out a mosquito. Even the most esteemed medical journals admit their purpose is to calm anxiety. “Expanded masking protocols’ greatest contribution may be to reduce the transmission of anxiety …”

Of course, by knowledge or common sense observation, most Americans already know that masking everyone is superstition. But unlike privately carrying a lucky charm, mandating facial coverings requires the consent of the governed.

Many cultures mandate clothing that appears totally irrational to outsiders. Never have those cultures pretended that there is a scientific basis for their clothing requirement. Their leaders rule, and their citizens accept, that their choice of clothing is due to religious or cultural preference.

Not wearing a mask is not mere “personal choice” like deciding between a head covering or a t-shirt. It is a flashpoint for being a free human being who has consented to be governed but has not consented to be ruled. We do not consent to a masked America, because that is a fundamental change in American society, culture, norms, and rights.

People who are apathetic toward their own liberty cannot eliminate Constitutional rights for those who are not. This is not the first (or last) time that people who believe in superstition are screaming the loudest. The Constitution exists precisely to protect all people during times of mass hysteria.

The mask has become the most visible symbol of #socialconditioning to Americans determined to preserve individual freedom. Thus far most Americans have continued to give their consent to be governed. But you are trying our patience.

– – –

Simone Gold, MD, JD, FABEM, is a board certified emergency physician. She graduated from Chicago Medical School before attending Stanford University Law School to earn her Juris Doctorate degree. She completed her residency in Emergency Medicine at Stony Brook University Hospital in New York. Dr. Gold worked in Washington D.C. for the Surgeon General, as well as for the Chairman of the Labor & Human Resources Committee. She works as an emergency physician on the frontlines whether or not there is a pandemic. Her clinical work serves all Americans: from urban-inner city, to suburban, to the IHS. Her legal work has focused on conflicts between hospitals and insurers. She writes on a number of policy issues relating to law and medicine. She always leads with the facts. Read more at The Gold Opinion.






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12 Thoughts to “Dr. Simone Gold Commentary: We Do Not Consent”

  1. Sandra

    Go for it David. Dr. Simone Gold’s voice is detrimental to many of us at this point. When you get that website put up please announce it, and thank you very much.

  2. Alexon Cameron

    Kevin: You’ve posted a bunch of claims, while providing zero studies backing them.
    Here’s hoping you’re at least being paid to spread the official (misleading) narrative of your “leaders”…

    I would wager, if you read this reply, you’ll provide said studies. Even so: the science behind wearing masks is NOT settled (which the following studies strongly indicate):




  3. Peter Jardine

    How you actually got your P.hd is completely beyond my comprehension, which is considerably more acute than your own. Absolutely staggering, magnificent ignorance.

  4. Fwiw

    In case anyone wonders who “The Swamp” might be, just look at the people and organizations that are trying to suppress any competing viewpoint.

  5. Thank you for speaking up to defend our rights, Simone. My prayers are with you and with the brave doctors who are taking a stand about this.

  6. Barbara Hampson

    We are sooo thankful for your courage..you are truly one of God’s warriors. May God grant you wisdom. peace and protection as you engage the enemy.

  7. Steve Buchheit

    The easily-led are all in favor of wearing masks, and the fact that they do not see the constitutional challenge in what they advocate does NOT mean that constitutional challenge does not exist. Why are masking advocates going to such great lengths to silence Dr. Gold? The fact that they are constitutes a constitutional crisis all by itself.

  8. I see your website https://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.com was taken down. Please get in touch as we will gladly build you a website that is hosted on a dedicated private server for the world to access. Support your movement and thank you.

  9. Kevin

    The virus doesn’t exit the body on its own, it exits on mucous droplets which are many times larger than the pore size of even a cheap cloth mask. Simone doesn’t understand droplet transmission?

    The mask also prevents us from touching critical portions of our face where we might infect ourselves if we were pick it up from a surface.

    A mask, plus studious hand washing, plus social distancing of safely keeping our economy rolling while we work through this pandemic.

    This virus has a 7 – 14 day incubation period, at which time you may be infected and may not know it. By not wearing a mask in public you are putting others in danger.

    So please wear a mask, not for your safety, but for the safety of anyone you might otherwise infect. And follow the other guidelines. Your Constitutional rights are not at risk, but lives may be.

  10. Deb

    If you throw a handful of stones, pebbles and sand thru a chain-link fence, the number of stones, pebbles and sand that get thru are reduced. The stones, pebbles and sand will also travel a shorter distance when thrown thru a chain-link fence.


    I think you’re a brilliant scientist, and Doctor/Attorney, who has the nerve to speak the facts! Thank you, and please know that I will be sharing and expanding your message of facts and laughable laws that are upon us all!

    Best regards,
    Pol Mairesse

  12. Tom Andrews

    Well said. Especially the example of a chain link fence and a mosquito.
    Thank you.