John Rose Commentary: We Need To Elect A Congress That Will Support President Trump

John Rose and Donald Trump

by John Rose


It is time we have a Congress that supports our President. The President’s visit to Tennessee last week was a reminder that though the liberal news media would have you believe differently, the President’s agenda is popular here in Tennessee and across America and if I have the privilege of representing the people of Tennessee’s sixth district, I will help him pass it.

This past Tuesday I had the honor to meet President Trump and share with him why I am running for the House of Representatives. I told him that I am running to take Tennessee values to Washington and help him get his agenda passed, like tax cuts and funding to build his border wall to stop illegal immigration. I told him that he could count on me to have his back against liberals and the fake news media in Washington, DC who are constantly trying to tear him down and stop him from doing things that will help all Tennesseans and every American.

Republicans must win in November to stop the Democrats from controlling the House of Representatives and Nancy Pelosi from once again becoming Speaker. Democrats would roll back the gains we have made on tax cuts, repealing the Obamacare individual mandate, funding our military, and getting rid of excessive government regulation. They would end the 2nd Amendment and fund Planned Parenthood and they would spend their time attacking our President rather than doing things that benefit hard-working Tennesseans.

They would reverse gains the President has made in ending illegal immigration. It is time to take care of our broken borders and our people. For years we have been promised that the broken immigration system will be fixed and our borders will be secured. I will help President Trump finally keep that promise. I will work in Congress to support the President’s measures to fight illegal immigration by building the wall and ending dangerous sanctuary city policies.

We need to build the wall, to enforce our laws, and to create a system that works where law abiding American citizens are safe and dangerous illegal immigrants are kept out. As the President said again here in Tennessee on Tuesday, the gang members in MS 13 are animals and not the “spark of divinity” as Nancy Pelosi described them. We must end sanctuary cities that are defending them.

It is time we secure our country and take care of the men and women who serve and have served us. President Trump has reversed years of leading from behind and retreating around the world. ISIS is on the run and being defeated, we have ended the terrible Iran nuclear deal, and North Korea is coming to the table to discuss getting rid of their nuclear weapons. President Trump is leading a stronger America and finally funding our military to the levels necessary to protect the peace. I will help him make America even stronger.

President Trump’s policies are growing our economy. He has cut taxes and regulations that have spurred tremendous economic growth. Unemployment is the lowest it has been in half a century. America is finally growing and working again after eight years of the Obama disaster. Nancy Pelosi and Democrats want to roll those cuts back—she even called the tax cuts crumbs, but the average family in Tennessee will see their tax bill go down by $2,200.00. That is a lot more than “crumbs” to hard working Tennessee families. Shows you how out of touch Democrats really are. I will help President Trump strengthen those cuts so our economy can grow even stronger and Tennessee families have more opportunities and more money in their pockets.

We also need more people in Washington D.C, like President Trump, who have created jobs and who have fresh ideas for helping solve our nation’s problems, not more career politicians who serve for decades and are part of the swamp that answers to insiders and not the people. Just like our President, I am an outsider and businessman who has never run for office and will help our President fight the insiders and restore government of the people. I have spent my life creating jobs and serving our community, and now I’d be honored to serve the people of Tennessee’s 6th Congressional District.









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9 Thoughts to “John Rose Commentary: We Need To Elect A Congress That Will Support President Trump”

  1. Pepe Silva

    Matheny is awful… why anyone would vote for him is beyond me. Rose is a life long Tennessean, who legitamately cares about his district, and isn’t up for playing politics(*ahem*, Matheny). Judd needs to stay a state rep, at least his long history of doing nothing wont be amplified.

    1. josh read

      Rose is Mr Gas Tax. That Smith Co. public BJ last year of Bill Haslam was almost as embarrassing as publishing his suck-up to Trump pictures at a paid Marsha fundraiser.
      It’s just what the public’s looking for: another vapid richie-rich-boy ephebophile (look it up) creep, and tax-raising Rhino, whose open borders amnesty advocacy for staffing his government subsidized farm while his law practice re-poed houses and defended product liability cases. While he won’t show up to debate, he thinks everyone’ll think he’s virile trotting his child bride everywhere and wearing his Farm (subsidy) Bureau cap, buying his way into Congress with cliche slogans.

  2. Ralph

    What vacuous tripe. No vision, no platform, no experience, no credibility – so no thanks. Matheny is the best candidate – he is in the same mold as many of the House Freedom Caucus members and founded a Tennessee version of the same.

  3. Baskerville

    Well I think Bob Corlew is soft on Muslims.

  4. M.L. Moon

    Vote 4 Wm.”Bill” Lee. The real deal. Tn. d/n need another rhino (black) or pro-amnesty boyd. Tn needs to take the $793 million our state spends on illegals & use it to help raise up our own low income persons.

  5. Dave Vance

    Mr. Rose is hoping that his tough talk on immigration will be be believed by the voters of the 6th District despite his personal and family ties to the pro illegal, pro instate tution Tennessee Farm Bureau which by the way also suppirted the Haslam Improve PILOTS Bottom Line Gas Tax! Rose is a voting member of the Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation and his sister Rhedonna is the current Executive VP of the Tennessee Farm Bureau. His wife works for the Farm Bureau as well. Few organizations support illegals more than the Farm Bureau, with the exception of La Raza. and the Democrat Party ! The real conservative in this race with a record to back it up is Judd Matheny! Rose is compromised by his connections ! Cant trust him to buck the Farm Bureau and his family! Every Rose has its thorn and his are illegals! Dont get stuck with this guy!

  6. Stuart I. Anderson

    Ohhhhhh,, I was wondering why members of the iconic liberal Democratic Party Bone family would contribute to the primary efforts of John Rose and now we have the answer, viz.. they are concerned that Congress is not being supportive enough for President Trump and they want John Rose to go up there to do something about it.

    OF COURSE that doesn’t make sense! Unfortunately that’s the nonsense you get when you seriously attempt to learn things about a candidate during the election campaign. John Rose is a typical wealthy No Record Candidate who has long had ties to, and whose candidacy was encouraged by, the centrist/tepid conservative wing of the Republican Party when Judd Matheny appeared to be on his way to succeed Diane Black. OF COURSE the Bone family and their liberal friends would prefer Rose vis a vis a solid conservative like Judd Matheny or even Bob Corlew. The only question is, if you are a conservative in the Sixth District, why would you dream of voting for John Rose?

    1. Jim Brown

      Who is the Bone family?

      1. Stuart I. Anderson

        The Bone family has lived in Middle Tennessee for more than 200 years. Charles W. Bone, according to the Tennesseean “. . .has long been a player in Democratic fund-raising.” According to the Federal Election Commission on Sept 30, 2017 Charles W. contributed the maximum $2,700 to John Rose’s campaign. Charles W. Bone’s son Charles Robert Bone ran for Mayor of Nashville in an attempt to succeed Karl Dean in a race ultimate won by Mayor Barry. “Charles Robert Bone was a big fundraiser himself for President . . .Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012, raising more than $500,000 to place himself in the ranks of Obama’s ‘bundlers'” as reported by The Tennessean. Charles Robert is married to Sacha Bone. On Sept. 30, 2017 Sacha joined her father-in-law Charles W. in also contributing $2,700 to John Rose’s campaign.

        I only did the most cursory checking of John Rose’s FEC reports and I stumbled over the record of these well known and influential (even I recognized them) Democrats contributing to John Rose. If I have the time I will check further and see what other liberals are enthused about Rose’s candidacy. My only question is if liberals like the Bone family are so enthused, should conservative voters in the Sixth District share that enthusiasm when they vote?