John Rich Roasts the Major Labels for Trying to Sign Oliver Anthony: ‘Their Greed Is Overriding Their Wokeness’

by S.L. Rachel


Viral sensation Oliver Anthony has taken the music world by storm with his hit song “Rich Men North of Richmond.” The catchy tune has captivated listeners across the nation, skyrocketing Anthony to instant stardom. As one can imagine, every major label and other various interested parties are desperately trying to contact Oliver Anthony to partner with him on his music.

Oliver Anthony, a name that until recently was relatively unknown, has become famous with his infectious track that unabashedly criticizes societal disparities. The song’s unapologetic lyrics and raspy vocals have been rivetting audiences.

The major labels are now vying for Oliver Anthony’s signature on a contract. This irony was not lost on country icon John Rich, who took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the matter. Rich, a seasoned musician and one half of the popular country duo Big & Rich, minced no words as he called out the major record labels in Nashville for their sudden interest in Anthony.

“All the major record labels in Nashville are falling over themselves to lure Oliver Anthony. The irony is, if he would’ve been signed to a label when he wrote this song, none of us would have EVER heard it! His song fried their brains. Their greed is overriding their wokeness,” Rich tweeted.

Rich’s observation highlights the inherent contradiction within the music industry. The major labels, who are often criticied for perpetuating a commercial and sanitized version of artistry, are now chasing after an artist whose unfiltered message challenges the very establishment they represent. Anthony’s song, which dares to question societal norms and economic inequality, has apparently struck a nerve with label executives who now see profit potential in his authenticity.

John Rich, also recently revealed that he had spoken with Oliver Anthony over the phone. It’s clear that Rich respects Anthony’s talent and the impact his music has had.

Oliver Anthony should work with who he feels is best for him. Although if he wants to keep singing music without censorship, an independent label may be the best choice.While the allure of a major record label deal and the associated resources might be enticing, it’s essential for Anthony to consider how his artistic integrity and message could be affected by aligning with such an establishment. The music industry has a history of diluting and commodifying artists’ voices in pursuit of mainstream success.

Whether Anthony’s journey leads him down the path of conventional success or paves the way for a new era of unfiltered musical expression, one thing is certain: his voice and message will continue to resonate with a generation hungry for authentic American music.

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S.L. Rachel is a writer for American Beat.
Photo “John Rich” by John Rich Music. 




Reprinted with permission from American Beat 

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