Brad Greer Endorses 2016 GOP Primary Opponent Dr. George Flinn for Congress in 2018 Election

Brad Greer, George Flinn, David Kustoff

In 2016 Dr. George Flinn narrowly lost a multi-candidate Republican primary race to now first term 8th District Congressman David Kustoff (R-TN8). Flinn and Kustoff are facing off again in 2018, but this time one of their primary opponents, Brad Greer, has signed on to help Flinn. In the 2016 Republican primary Greer won Madison, Obion and Lake counties.

“We need a Congressman who will represent the whole district – from Memphis to Lake County over to Henry County and down to Jackson,” Greer said in making his endorsement. “We need someone who will guard our West Tennessee values – faith, family, hunting, fishing and supporting our community. George Flinn embodies those values. He’s a Christian man, who loves this country.”

Greer said he really got to know Dr. Flinn during the 2016 Republican Primary.

“I learned during the 2016 campaign what type of man George Flinn is – he’s a man of integrity. He’s someone who cares about the people. He’s the same person behind the curtain as he is on stage. I saw it day in and day out because I was campaigning against the man,” Greer pointed out.

“I came to a point of realizing, if I don’t win, I hope George Flinn wins because George is the type of person we need in Congress – someone who’s not controlled by special interests, someone who really cares about the people. We need someone who will follow his word – that’s George Flinn,” Greer added. “It’s why I am out campaigning and supporting George. He will be a fantastic Congressman because he cares about regular people. He’s not out chasing money or trying to get the support of PACs and special interest money. George’s reasons for running are pure. He’s focused on helping people and helping get our district back on track,” Greer said.

Congressman Kustoff recently announced his own endorsement by several West Tennessee legislators, including:
• Senator Dolores Gresham, District 26
• Senator Ed Jackson, District 27
• Senator John Stevens, District 24
• Representative Tim Wirgau, District 75
• Representative Bill Sanderson, District 77
• Representative Curtis Halford, District 79
• Representative Debra Moody, District 81
• Representative Mark White, District 83
• Representative Ron Gant, District 94
• Representative Kevin Vaughn, District 95
• Representative Jim Coley, District 97
• Representative Ron Lollar, District 99

The primary election is August 2, with early voting starting on July 13, 2018.






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