Cuyahoga County GOP Applauds Governor DeWine for Taking Action to Curb Cleveland’s Crime Surge

The Cuyahoga County Republican Party applauded Governor Mike DeWine for taking decisive action to curb Cleveland’s crime surge as Democratic Mayor Justin Bibb “fails to protect the city.”

According to Cuyahoga County GOP Chairman Lisa Stickan, DeWine understands the importance of law and order in Cleveland and applauds him for sending state resources to assist the police department.

“I applaud Governor Mike DeWine’s decision to send state resources to Cleveland to assist the police department in combating the troubling rise in violent crime. As a Republican, Governor DeWine understands the critical importance of law and order and is taking swift action to help restore safety in our largest city,” Stickan said.

This follows DeWine announcing added state support to help local authorities in Cleveland combat a recent spike in crime in the city on Wednesday.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol, Ohio Narcotics Intelligence Center, Ohio Investigative Unit, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, and the Ohio Department of Youth Services are partnering with the Cleveland Division of Police and other local and federal authorities to provide a concentrated influx of resources and personnel to criminal hot spots in Cleveland to support ongoing local efforts to prevent and investigate violent crime.

DeWine said they “plan to stay in Cleveland as long as local officials need us.”

Furthermore, Stickan criticized Bibb’s lack of leadership on Cleveland’s safety concerns.

As previously reported by The Ohio Star, crime has increased in Cleveland under Mayor Bibb’s watch. The Ohio GOP details that for the first four months of the year, felony assault is up 25 percent, sex offenses are up 22 percent, robbery is up 19 percent and theft is up 23 percent. Also, the number of stolen cars has more than doubled.

“The lack of leadership on this issue has been unacceptable. Crime, especially gun violence and auto thefts, has skyrocketed under his watch. His inability to get the situation under control leaves Cleveland residents and visitors at risk. Governor DeWine recognizes that drastic action is needed now to curb crime in Cleveland. Mayor Bibb has failed to protect the people of this city,” Stickan said.

According to Stickan, Bibbs’ priority should be protecting public safety in Cleveland, and she supports DeWine in his efforts to take charge and restore order.

“Protecting public safety must always be the top priority of leadership at every level. Kudos to Governor DeWine for taking charge where Mayor Bibb has faltered. The Republican Party of Cuyahoga County fully supports the Governor’s efforts to restore order in Cleveland,” Stickan said.

The County GOP said that it’s far overdue for Democratic mayors in Ohio to take responsibility for the violence in their cities. It hopes that Bibb will set aside politics and work cooperatively with the state’s assistance for the good of the community and implement effective policies that respect law enforcement and get violent offenders off the streets.

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Hannah Poling is a lead reporter at The Ohio Star, The Star News Network, and The Arizona Sun Times. Follow Hannah on Twitter @HannahPoling1. Email tips to [email protected]
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