Diane Black Petition Urging Gov. Haslam to Sign the Anti-Sanctuary City Bill Receives ‘Overwhelming Response’

A spokesman from the Diane Black campaign for governor told The Tennessee Star over the weekend that their petition urging outgoing Governor Bill Haslam to sign recently-passed, anti-sanctuary city legislation into law has received an “overwhelming” amount of support by Tennesseans concerned about state and government officials turning a blind eye to illegal immigration and the issues arising from it.

“The response we’ve received has been overwhelming, with over 1,000 Tennesseans signing our petition urging Governor Haslam to sign the sanctuary cities bill,” Black communications director Chris Hartline wrote. “It’s clear that Tennesseans support this common-sense bill that puts the safety and security of the people of Tennessee first.”

Last Wednesday, the Black campaign launched a petition asking Tennessee residents to help them pressure Governor Haslam – who originally campaigned on confronting illegal immigration in the Volunteer State – to sign the Green-Reedy bill that closed key loopholes in the existing anti-sanctuary city legislation he signed in 2011:

The Tennessee General Assembly passed a bill to end sanctuary cities in our state. Governor Haslam hasn’t signed the bill, and every day, those who support illegal immigration are emboldened by the inaction.

Our governor should sign the bill without hesitation.

If you agree, please join me in calling on Governor Haslam to sign the bill.

In the email version of the call-to-action to sign the petition, an additional message from the candidate reads:

As your governor, I will be a conservative leader for Tennessee, and I won’t back down. Please join me in calling on Governor Haslam to stand up for the rule of law and for the people of Tennessee — tell him to sign the bill to stop sanctuary cities.


Diane Black

The bill, known as SB 2332/ HB 2315  – or the Green-Reedy Bill – was passed by both houses of the legislature toward the very end of the legislative session on April 26 after several attempts by Democrats and moderate Republican to derail the measure. As The Star previously reported:

Repeated efforts by House members to derail the anti-sanctuary city bill were unable to stop it from passing on a 64 – 23 vote.

Bill sponsor Rep. Jay Reedy carefully explained that sanctuary policies are intended to obstruct cooperation with federal immigration authorities and that these policies protect people who have been arrested for committing a crime under Tennessee law and are then discovered to also be wanted by ICE.

Reedy’s explanation did not stop Rep. Patsy Hazlewood from trying to persuade her colleagues not to support the bill.

Hazlewood will have a Democrat challenger in the general election.

Democrats in both the House and Senate spoke to wanting stronger laws to stop illegal aliens from working in Tennessee.

Caucus Chairman Rep. Mike Stewart introduced an amendment that would criminalize employing illegal aliens and make it a Class E felony. In 2011, however, the U.S. Supreme Court held that states could only impose sanctions on employers through measures like revoking business licenses.

Rep. Reedy invited Stewart to work with him next session on strengthening the state’s E-verify statute.

Sen. Mark Green passed the Senate companion bill SB 2332, with a solid 23 -5 vote.

The bill was officially received by the Governor Friday. He has 10 days (excluding Sundays) to either sign or veto the bill. After ten days with no signature, the bill becomes law.






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4 Thoughts to “Diane Black Petition Urging Gov. Haslam to Sign the Anti-Sanctuary City Bill Receives ‘Overwhelming Response’”

  1. Brian McMurphy

    1,000 online signers isn’t an accomplishment.

    But how is this even an issue? A 64-23 vote sends it to Governor’s desk. Republicans passed it. The so-called Republican Governor should sign it enthusiastically.

    Is following our long established immigration laws a problem for Mr. Haslam?

    Forgive me if I recall when Captain Baldo aka Jeff Woods of the Nashville Scene was portraying milquetoast candidate Haslam as a stalking horse for the Grand Imperial Exalted Cyclops of the KKK.

  2. Dave Vance

    I’m pretty sure Mark Green had his petition on this issue out there first as well as other candidates and organizations that posted before Diane. Wonder how many CR’s abd budgets she voted for that funded santcuary cities and other pro illegal iniatives since 2011. DC Diane and La Raza Randy are both crappy options for our state!

  3. Kevin

    WOW, amazing support,1,000 out of 6.6 million citizens! NOT! In a day and age where everybody has an electronic binky, permanently hooking them to the internet, 0.015% is a joke! Yes, people are outraged by the lack of support for anti-sancuary city legislation, but don’t try to spin it that Diane Black is leading the charge! Diane Black HAS NEVER lead the charge against ANYTHING! Well, except for when she attacks anybody and everybody for disparaging her less than stellar public service career in the Legislative branches of Government. And now she wants to leave her Black mark on the the Executive branch. Quoting her lastest TV ad, I say, “enough is enough.”

    1. Stuart I. Anderson

      Of course, you are right, but please remember we are dealing with the Trifecta of Mediocrity vs. Randy! Boyd who may make conservatives actually miss Bill Haslam. If not Diane we have head for the tall grass at the first sign of controversy Harwell and no record in politics or of having any political opinion about much of anything Lee. Diane may very well be the best house in a very mediocre neighborhood but she is far better than Randy!.

      All of this may encourage conservatives to skip voting for Governor at all which they must NOT do for it will surely result in a Governor Randy! Boyd. For me, whoever the polls say is most likely to defeat Randy! right before the election gets my vote as I carry out the ANBODY BUT BOYD strategy.