Donald Trump to Hold Nashville Rally May 29 In Addition to Fundraiser to Support Blackburn

President Donald Trump will hold a rally in addition to a fundraiser for Marsha Blackburn on May 29, Politico reports.

Republicans hope the president’s visit will put Blackburn over the top in her U.S. Senate race against Phil Bredesen.

The venue is at Nashville Municipal Auditorium.

Blackburn, a conservative House member, is engaged in a tight race with the former Democratic Tennessee governor, Politico says. Bredesen is popular among centrist Republicans.

A Vanderbilt University poll shows Trump has a 53 percent approval rating in Tennessee. Bredesen was viewed favorably by 67 percent, and Blackburn had a 49 percent favorable rating. Both have similar name recognition.

Other polls have shown Bredesen with a slight edge, though Republicans expect a slate of advertisements that will tie him to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

CHQ called the Blackburn-Bredesen race one of the six hottest in the nation, The Tennessee Star reported.

The story read, “Blackburn, an excellent speaker and TV presence, is one of the House’s strongest voices on the pro-life agenda. Even better, when Corker started making noise about maybe un-retiring, Rep. Blackburn said ‘bring it on’ facing down the establishment interests who would have liked to keep Corker, the author of Obama’s traitorous nuclear weapons deal with Iran, in charge of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.”

Trump was last in Nashville in January, when he spoke to a meeting of the American Farm Bureau Federation, Nashville Business Journal reports. He also held a rally at Municipal Auditorium in March 2017.









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