Jordan Peterson Came to Nashville and Packed the House on His ’12 Rules for Living’ Tour

Jordan Peterson

As a part of a book tour to promote his best-selling 12 Rules for Living, straight-talking clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson appeared at the Ryman to a packed house on Monday night.

Dr. Jordan Peterson gained national attention in Canada after openly and vehemently opposing a speech code laws that would criminalize using the wrong pronoun for a (transgender) person.

His fame grew exponentially after a half-hour slug-fest of an interview with British reporter Cathy Newman went viral.

Here in Tennessee, people came from miles around to hear the influential psychologist and professor speak about the essential skills and habits adults need to lead happy and fulfilling lives.

But rather than review the details of his book, Peterson spent his time in Nashville discussing an array of topics, including his ‘Sleeping Beauty Philosophy’ (here’s a three minute summary by Peterson – note: some adult language).

Jordan Peterson at The Ryman

Jordan Peterson at The Ryman

We’ve got lobsters!

Jordan Peterson at the Ryman

The crowd went wild when Peterson took the stage.

And then, the audience serenaded him with “Happy Birthday” (Peterson’s birthday is June 12).

When the crowd settled down, Peterson began his talk in earnest. You could hear a pin drop. (Yes; even the texting guy — we’re guessing his text was “shh – Jordan Peterson is onstage!”)

The Tennessee Star was invited backstage for a few more pictures.

Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson

Dr. Peterson tweeted the next morning: “Everything went great in Nashville. Packed house, great crowd, classic venue– and some friends I hadn’t seen in 30 years showed up for the lecture.”

To find out why Dr. Jordan Peterson is getting so much attention, you can start with this piece by Mariana Medvin.

Tennessee Star reader Randall commented about this video Peterson made at PragerU, released on Monday.





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3 Thoughts to “Jordan Peterson Came to Nashville and Packed the House on His ’12 Rules for Living’ Tour”

  1. Randall

    He has a great 5 minute video on PragerU.

  2. Wolf Woman

    I couldn’t go to his talk, am on vacation with my grandkids, but otherwise would have been there. Dr. Peterson is one of my favorites. His debates with lefties are a work of art.