National Pro-Life Group Creates ‘Abortion Distortion’ Animated Videos to Confront Pro-Abortion Talking Points

The late founder of national pro-life organization Life Dynamics created his group’s new animated videos to serve as a tool for every pro-lifer, regardless of age, to help them engage with common pro-abortion talking points.

Marcus “Mark” Crutcher, who died in March, wanted to address the issue of how to help pro-lifers engage in responding to common pro-abortion talking points, said a press statement Thursday announcing the release of Crutcher’s “Abortion Distortion” videos.

The videos, each about a minute in length, seek to “grab the viewers’ attention while a ‘no-nonsense pro-lifer’ guides viewers through the issues.”

“In the past, the rhetorical battle between us and the pro-choice side has generally been one where they attack our position and we defend it,” Life Dynamics states. “But now it’s time we turn the tables and make the other side defend the illogical, deceptive and immoral nature of their positions!”

In one video titled “Equal Rights for Me, But Not for Thee,” for example, pro-lifers are asked to challenge the pro-abortion talking point that claims men have no right to an opinion about abortion because they do not have a uterus. The video’s female animated character responds, however, “But what happened to the idea that our society was supposed to be against gender-based discrimination?”

“And let’s not forget, you’re the ones who brought men into this issue when you started demanding that abortions be paid for with tax dollars,” the challenger continues. “After all, a lot of that money comes from the paychecks of men.”

“But the bigger issue is that real men don’t just stand around with their hands in their pockets while helpless babies are butchered,” she concludes. “That means that being involved in this issue is not only their right, it’s their duty. So whether you like it or not, as long as you’re killing babies, some of the people fighting you will be men. Deal with it.”

Another video titled “What a Post Abortion America Looks Like,” is introduced with Life Dynamics noting “the pro-choice mob – along with their stooges in the media – have promised that a whole catalogue of disasters is waiting for us if states pass laws that prohibit abortion.”

“But we have decades of real-world experience to show us what a post abortion America REALLY looks like,” the pro-life group asserts.

Life Dynamics observes that, prior to 1973, when the U.S. Supreme Court created a right to abortion in Roe v. Wade, America was not a “dystopian wasteland.”

“To hear these people tell the story, if women can’t hire a bunch of psychopaths to murder their babies, all hope is lost and it won’t be long before America looks like a scene out of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.” the video character states.

“[I]f protecting the lives of unborn children is going to turn America into some sort of dystopian wasteland, why wasn’t it like that before abortion was legalized?” the animated character asks. “Remember, we don’t have to imagine what our country would be like without legal abortion, we have decades of real-world experience to show us. And it’s not what the abortion lobby is describing.”

According to the Life Dynamics press statement, Crutcher “spent his final days working on this series.”

“He believed that, not only was information key in the battle against abortion, but that this information could help all pro-lifers, when it was presented in short and entertaining videos,” the pro-life organization added. “It was his hope that pro- lifers would take this series, learn from it, craft their pro-life responses and share it with others.”

Other videos in the “Abortion Distortion” series include ones that address the abortion lobby’s narrative it desires to reduce the “need” for abortion; its denial of the serious consequences of drug-induced abortions; and its false claim that thousands of women died each year from back-alley abortions prior to its legalization.

Life Dynamics has been known for its documentary, Maafa 21, which exposed black genocide as the reason behind the legalization of abortion in America.

The pro-life organization anticipates more animated videos to be released weekly.

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Susan Berry, PhD is national education editor at The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected].



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