Massachusetts Pro-Family Group Warns Sex Is on School Calendar ‘All Year Long’

LGBTQ activists are seeking to ensure Massachusetts public schools are celebrating their agenda’s events throughout the academic year, Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) warns parents.

“Sex on the school calendar has become commonplace all over the nation,” a downloadable document from MFI states.

The pro-family organization urges parents to be aware of sexually-themed events that may be celebrated and discussed in their school districts.

“Sexuality-themed events are cropping up in MA schools, often facilitated by GSAs (Gender and Sexuality Alliances),” the organization says. “Will any of these dates be observed in your district? Find out. Oppose the sexualization of children in school.”

“Across the state, student clubs like the Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) set aside a day, a week, or sometimes even a month to promote sexual ideology,” MFI explains. “From Bisexual Awareness Day and LGBT History Month to International Pronouns Day, GSAs promote national and international observance days to a captive audience of students in MA K-12 schools.”

“These promotions represent a real and persistent agenda aimed at sexualizing our children and pushing harmful sexual and transgender ideology on them,” the group cautions.

According to the MFI document, other events to be celebrated by LGBTQ activist groups during the upcoming school year include: “Banned Books Week,” from October 1-7, which “celebrates ‘freedom to read’ and promotes obscene books to teens containing substance use, incest, rape, gender confusion, graphic sex, etc.”; “Coming Out Day,” on October 11, which “encourages children to ‘come out’ as LGBTQ in school on this day;” and “Welcoming Schools National Day of Reading,” on a date in February to be determined, when “books that promote transgender ideology are read to children.”

MFI provides five recommendations for Massachusetts parents to protect vulnerable children from “persistent, inaccurate, and dangerous messages”:

  1. Consider an alternative schooling option like Christian schools or homeschooling.
  2. Know the messages about human sexuality and gender being taught in schools and actively counteract them with biblical truth. Parents can use the interactive sex-ed map on MFI’s website to learn more about the curriculum being used in their school district.
  3. Understand your rights as parents and what steps you can take to further protect your children. MFI published Know Your Rights: Responding to Graphic Sex Education and LGBTQ Content in Massachusetts Public Schools. The Back to School for Parents guide is specifically designed for busy parents.
  4. Opt your children out of sex ed class and request that they not be exposed to LGBTQ-themed assemblies, books, or events. MFI supplies a sample sex ed opt out here, and an accommodation request regarding LGBTQ content here.
  5. Parents can become more informed about how to protect their children, and connect with other like-minded parents by following Massachusetts Informed Parents on Facebook.

In June, MFI posted to social media that Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey (D) “wants MA preschoolers to discuss their genitalia and 3rd graders to learn that they can change genders.”

Healey’s administration drafted a proposal of an updated Comprehensive Health and Physical Education Framework, a document that is to serve as a guideline for school districts that are choosing a sex education program for their children.

According to MFI, among the topics to be covered under the guidelines are:

  • Students in grades preschool-2 will discuss their genitalia.
  • Students in grades 3-5 will learn they can change genders.
  • Students in grades 6-8 will analyze their readiness for sexual activity.
  • Students in grades 9-12 will consider the “benefits” of sexual behavior.

“Sex ed lessons aligned with the updated draft framework will not empower MA students with the skills they need to build healthy lives as the Governor claims,” MFI stated. “Instead, they will groom vulnerable youth toward early sexual debut and transgender identifications that set them up for mental, emotional, and physical harm.”

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Susan Berry, PhD is national education editor at The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]



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