OFF THE RECORD: Moonbeam’s Husband Bruce Hangs the Barry Albatross Around Briley’s Neck

Bruce Barry, Vanderbilt professor and cuckold of felon former Mayor Moonbeam Megan Barry, tried helping David Briley’s no-energy campaign for mayor with a column in the Nashville Scene on Tuesday.

If elected, Briley will continue Moonbeam’s, big government, progressive policies and insider dealings administration.

In that typical long-winded way ultra-liberal elitists pontificate, Barry-the-Briley-surrogate launched an irrelevant attack on Nashville mayoral candidate Carol Swain wherein Bruce tries to prove that Swain misused a single word and he can see that needle in the haystack.

What we do know about Bruce the Goose is that he was good for at least two years of turning the other cheek while Moonbeam traveled internationally  with her bodyguard and did those early morning cemetery meditation sessions with the same bodyguard. But during that entire time Moonbeam never ever once misused a single word.

She just didn’t mean most of them.

Even when she was lying to everyone around her – except of course not to her staff who arranged her travel and approved the bodyguard expenses on behalf of Chief Anderson.

But according to Bruce, Carol Swain misused a single word – a red flag that Bruce warns is a red flag that Ph.D. Swain is incompetent.

So when Moonbeam pushed the $9 billion dollar obsolete transit plan complete with downtown tunnel and Briley issued his “Declaration of Transportation Independence” that voters torched in the referendum – there was no incompetence there?

But don’t despair because Briley has promised that if elected, he will revive the transit Boondoggle and Moonbeam’s culture of cronyism that can continue comfortably in a Briley administration.

What Bruce didn’t count on when he fired off his attack on Swain, is that readers, like voters can read and think for themselves. These are the same voters that saw through the Barry-Briley tax-4-tracks plan that would have financially saddled generations of people who already are fast losing the ability to afford living in Nashville.

From the looks of commenters to Bruce’s piece, he didn’t help Briley at all, or as one reader put it:

While Bruce Barry has as much right as anyone else to voice an opinion, he just…shouldn’t. This will hurt rather than help David Briley, and his intent obviously was to do the opposite. Briley needs different surrogates.

Moonbeam Barry’s deceit and fall from favor has made her toxic to anyone who even wants to think about a political future. Bruce the Goose just did his part to hang that Barry albatross around Briley’s neck.







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11 Thoughts to “OFF THE RECORD: Moonbeam’s Husband Bruce Hangs the Barry Albatross Around Briley’s Neck”

  1. Mary B.

    I too watched Barry’s guilty plea a few times- her arrogance, above and beyond just the guilty plea, was cringe worthy with all her smirking like she’s got something on the DA she’ll soon unleash, like the Joker. She is a hypocrit and dumb beyond the time and energy it takes to list her offensives as a human, a liberal, a Mayor. She is where she needs to be, away from tax payer dollars! Her weirdo husband, “Bruce the Goose” (which he is hilariously dubbed in this piece) is ineffective, on so many levels. Briley has the advantage in this immature city of liberal elitists…but Swain could just be the surprise kick in the pants the Barry supporters need…and on a less vengeful note- what this city needs to set us on the right track for a change.

  2. Ned T.

    I watched Drop_your_drawers Megan’s criminal plea numerous times, and it confirmed that she is an arrogant creep: she tries to stare down and smirk at the DA several times, and her lawyer must stop her. She acted just like any other criminal being escorted back to jail—so classy.

    Brucie-poo is even creepier. Had to know wifey was getting plowed by a team of horses, and he did not care. A total depraved and disgusting loser.

    1. Eric

      They have an open marriage.

  3. Brian McMurphy

    My guess is he was hiding under the bed or in the closet waiting to play cleanup.

    Oh if Max could see you now. How proud he would have been.

    My dogwhistle deciphered what Barry really wanted to say. Which was “this stupid n-word can’t be Mayor”.

    That column was just the flaming cross he lit on the lawn on Election Eve.

  4. Wolf Woman

    Bull’s Eye, Chris!

    If we’re lucky, Bruce Barry will go back to the rock he hid under during the publicity of his wife’s affair and disgrace.

  5. Floyd

    After reading his confusing and vitriolic fabrication, it’s clear Bruce Barry can’t get over his cheating wife’s legacy of failure as a former and disgraced mayor. He must really dislike David Briley in order to have written this rubbish on the eve of the election.

  6. lb

    This was disgusting, I saw some of this on Twitter because a Carol supporter was ripping brucie apart. I dont even pick up the scene and havent in years–even though it is free. Nothing in it but ads and ultra liberal screeds–why waste my time?

  7. 83ragtop50

    Just another example of how the “elite” ones from academia are so far out of touch with reality. Bruce could really benefit from a good case of a real world education.

  8. John J.

    Other than if they do a remake of Back to the Future, Bruce the Goose is irrelevant and should shut up!

  9. Brian McMurphy

    Disgusting, amoral people have been running Nashville for some time now and that desperation swing at Swain as being an “incompetent bigot”, as Barry referred to his former Vanderbilt colleague, is just a cherry on top.

    And in a standard practice at The Scene, which is functionally operating with zero editorial oversight, not one requirement that Barry note any conflict of interest or his close association with the subject at hand.

    The anti-Christian bias of Barry, the Nashville Scene, its commenters who they encourage and allow to do the same is prevalent in all they do. Unless, of course, they can promote a Jesus Was A Hard Left Socialist as their pretext for unfettered illegal immigration, judge not convicted murderers / anti-death penalty pieces, and a government is the main conduit of Christian charity through your tax dollars.

    There is no “When they go low, We go high” BS from Barry or The Scene. They were always low, gutter dwelling scumbags. Selling top 1% luxury and fancy restaurant advertisements wedged neatly between their frequently profane Marxist screeds.

    BTW, if they don’t change their annual Boner Awards issue to the Boner Her Awards, they are not even trying.

    Thanks for playing Brucie!

  10. Eric

    Did Barry mention his open marriage?