Off the Record: State Rep. Ron Gant – Really? All You Got Was a Plane Ride?

Freshman State Rep. Ron Gant (R-Rossville), who ran as a conservative, took a plane ride with Bill, and less than two weeks later, endorses self-described political moderate and never-Trumper Randy Boyd!

Hey Ron – did you -um- forget that Fayette County elected Trump by over 71% of the vote and McNairy by 80+%? Do you have any idea what Randy meant when he said:

The idea of putting my name on anything [for Trump] is anathema to me.

Hey Ron – did you forget that Randy has tied himself to the guy who had to drop out of the race because even with all his money and political connections, he was a BIG flop? Yup, we’re talking about Jeb! – the guy Randy went to bat for as a delegate, and whose man-crush never waned, inviting Jeb! to fundraise for him in a state that LOVED Trump in the primary and in the general.

Hey Ron – ever hear of “Tennessee Thrives” and see what they’re all about?

Did Bill give you THE “talk”? You know the one where he tells you that Randy’s a really good guy who loves dogs and running and you know, “La Raza” doesn’t really mean “the race”?

So the plane ride was May 3 and then on less than two weeks later it’s Ron 4 Randy!

We’ll give you this Ron – you were smart to wait until after the date for qualifying petitions passed before taking on the La Raza brand, but two years from now, well a lot can happen in that time.

Hope you got more than just the cheap thrill of the ride and that he calls you in the morning.




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