Off the Record: Switch-Hitter Boyd Donors Now Raising Money For Liberal Democrat Phil Bredesen

Randy Boyd, Phil Bredesen

“Switch-hitters” are the baseball players who bat both right-handed and left-handed.

Political switch-hitters who want liberal representation in the U.S. Senate and a moderate in the governor’s office are rooting for the Boyd-Bredesen team – and they are willing to put their big bucks behind these guys and bring along their moneyed friends.

(Anyone willing to bet whether we see Jim Haslam and others with the last name Haslam show up on a Bredesen campaign finance disclosure report?)

Boyd’s big dollar donors Sharon Pryse, Raja and Michelle Jubran, and Jim Clayton are co-hosting a fundraiser for Phil Bredesen just like the super-wealthy “Republican” donor Conway-Welch in Nashville whose fundraiser for Bredesen was preceded by the one in Nashville headlined by former Vice-President Joe Biden.

Boyd’s Knoxville Cabal needs him to go to his warehouse and get them those special flea collars.

And there is plenty of money in them thar hills – Sharon Pryse, Raja Jubran and his wife coughed up $8,000 dineros each to hand over to La Raza Randy.

Jim Clayton was only able to come up with a measly $5,000.

Pryse, Raja Jubran, and Clayton are members of Boyd’s business coalition but it’s even cozier than that.  Boyd served on the board of Clayton Bank & Trust until he resigned when he became ECD Commissioner.

Raja Jubran who is also on the board of Clayton Bank & Trust, is a BIG fan of Bill Haslam – you know, the guy who was campaigning as a conservative and said he was against illegal immigration and then got elected and forgot that he was supposed to make good on his campaign promises.

If this is starting to sound awfully familiar to another Knoxville mega-millionaire who is also trying to convince voters that he’s a conservative and opposed to illegal immigration…

Going back to Jubran a Tennessee transplant from Lebanon who immigrated from the Middle East to the United States in 1977 to attend the University of Knoxville, and stayed and then made bazillions of dollars from his construction and engineering firm. Plenty of money to donate to other establishment Republicans like Corker and Haslam.

For his part in payback, Haslam made Jubran a Trustee on the UT Knoxville board.

Jubran is involved in all kinds of stuff in Knoxville including the Ramallah Club of Knoxville. Before settling down and marrying, Jubran spent over a year in Washington, D.C. advocating for “Palestinian rights.” Jubran’s Ramallah Club operates under the umbrella of the American Federation of Ramallah Palestine, which is considered the largest Palestinian Organization in the United States and which opposes President Trump moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem:

The American Federation of Ramallah, Palestine (AFRP) stands firmly against President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize the occupied city of Jerusalem as the official capital of Israel in contravention of well-established international law for over 65 years and on the heels of U.N. Resolution 2334 in December 2016 declaring that Israel must cease its illegal settlement building throughout the Palestinian Territories, including in Jerusalem.

Haslam also appointed Boyd-Bredesen supporter Sharon Pryse to the UTK Board of Trustees. During the recent General Assembly confirmation hearings on the UTK trustees, Jubran withdrew his name for reappointment. Hmm.

With Corker out of the U.S. Senate, Boyd donors who want to shove the next gubernatorial pick down the throats of conservative Tennesseans also want their Knoxville homey to have a friend in Congress who agrees that Tennessee needs more cheap imported labor.

Any doubt that Bredesen who has a solid record supporting illegal aliens, wouldn’t vote with Chuck Schumer? Any doubt that Boyd and the liberal Democrat his Knoxville Cabal is supporting are globalists?

Cozy is as cozy does among the privileged mega-wealthy in Knoxville.








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5 Thoughts to “Off the Record: Switch-Hitter Boyd Donors Now Raising Money For Liberal Democrat Phil Bredesen”

  1. Will the REAL Randy Boyd please stand up ????
    Or preferably just go home !!!

  2. Stifling

    La Raza Randy can fool some of the poeple. some of the time, but us Tennessee Star folks now a scammer when we see one. We must defeat this RINO. I agree with Stuart…

  3. lb

    We need some PAC $$ to come in here and start weeding out and exposing these rinos–start with La Raza Randy

  4. Wolf Woman

    So La Raza Randy is not only in bed with the proponents of illegal immigration, he’s also friendly with Palestinian Jew-haters. Could he be influenced to be a sharia compliant governor?

    La Raza Randy shows no signs of love for his own state of Tennessee or us local yokels. So I guess it’s futile to ask a globalist like him to bring his company’s manufacturing jobs back home. After all, his billion dollar bottom line might take a beating and he wouldn’t want that, would he?

  5. Stuart I. Anderson

    Fellow conservatives don’t these centrist Republicans simply make you sick? Do you not see that keeping Boyd out of the governorship is job one in that race? Any difference in the administrations of Black, Harwell, or Lee pales to insignificance compared to the necessity of defeating the centrist/tepid conservative establishment and their chosen candidate Randy! and we’re not going to get this done splitting our vote three ways.

    If Tennessee had a decent electoral system we could vote for whomever we wanted to in the first round, then unify in the runoff to beat Boyd. IT DOESN’T, SO WE CAN’T! We simply have to unify in the first round by following the ANYBODY BUT BOYD strategy. Watchful waiting is what is needed now until right before early voting begins in order to see who will have the best chance of beating Randy! when it counts. When the results of the latest polls become known conservative must unify to give our votes to that candidate in order to end up with ANYBODY BUT BOYD!