Ohio to Award Nearly $50 Million for Jail Improvements Across the State

Governor Mike DeWine announced on Thursday that Ohio is providing nearly $50 million in new grants to local governments to support construction, renovation, and security improvement projects at nearly a dozen local jails across the state.

According to DeWine, “the funds will help these jails better meet the demands of our modern criminal justice system and keep both staff and inmates safe.”

Altogether, 11 county jail projects, including six construction and/or restoration projects, will receive $50 million in funding from the Ohio Jail Safety and Security Program.

DeWine collaborated with the Ohio General Assembly to secure funds for the Ohio Jail Safety and Security Grant Program as part of the current capital budget. The Bureau of Adult Detention of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction oversees the program’s administration.

According to DeWine, it’s important that Ohio’s jail environments are safe and secure and put inmates on a good path upon release.

“It’s critical that our jails are safe and secure, but it’s also important that our jail environments can influence positive change and put inmates on a good path upon release. With this funding, we’re helping these local jails move forward with projects that will allow them to better meet the demands of our modern criminal justice system and further support the growing number of inmates struggling with substance use and mental health issues,” DeWine said.

The jails in Greene and Wayne counties each received $15 million. Auglaize County received $2 million, Columbiana County secured $462,500, Williams County secured $4,662,756, and Lucas County received $10,065,000 for construction and renovation projects.

Ottawa County is the recipient of $350,000, Miami County received $175,000, and Jackson County received $1,000,000 in needs/feasibility assessment funding.

Security upgrades will also be made through grants totaling more than $200,000 each in Carroll and Hancock counties.

These grants are the second batch of funds made available for the initiative. The initial awards include $5 million for smaller-scale repairs at six additional facilities and $45 million for significant construction projects at six county jails.

The County Commissioners Association of Ohio (CCAO) thanked the DeWine administration for the funding and the Ohio General Assembly’s leadership.

“Ensuring public safety is one of the most important services that counties provide, and the robust partnership with state leaders to keep county jails well-funded to make needed improvements to address the complex needs that jail populations have is vital to the provision of that service. CCAO expresses deep thanks to the administration and the General Assembly for their support in keeping the public safe and ensuring that justice-involved individuals are kept in humane environments and receive mental health and addiction services that they may need,” CCAO President and Henry County Commissioner Glenn Miller said.

According to the CCAO, they are working with the administration, the House, and the Senate to include additional funds for critical jail construction and renovation projects in House Bill 33, the state’s main operating budget, in addition to the cash contained in the capital budget from the previous fiscal year.

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Hannah Poling is a lead reporter at The Ohio Star and The Star News Network. Follow Hannah on Twitter @HannahPoling1. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Mike DeWine” by Mike DeWine. Background Photo “Jail” by Guido Coppa.


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