Phil ‘Duck and Cover’ Bredesen Playing Games with Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee?

Brett Kavanaugh, Chuck Schumer, Phil Bredesen

The Tennessee Republican Party is calling Democratic Senate candidate Phil Bredesen to task for his lack of candor in dealing with President Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Along with asking if Democrat Chuck Schumer’s “Tennessee recruit” Phil Bredesen will oppose President Trump’s latest Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the way Schumer is,  they’re also going after him for playing a game of duck and cover on the issue.

“Chuck Schumer recruiting Phil Bredesen to run for the Senate has, without a doubt, always been a part of his plan for a full frontal partisan attack against any nominee from President Trump. His ‘everything he’s got’ would 100% include Phil Bredesen if elected. While Phil Bredesen can pretend he would give serious consideration to any Supreme Court nominee from President Trump, you have ask, with Chuck Schumer and liberal Democratic PACs committing millions of dollars to the Senate race in Tennessee, would Phil Bredesen even have a choice?,” says their latest release.

In effect, they also accuse Bredesen of being dishonest with voters on the issue.

Instead of being honest with voters about President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Phil Bredesen is playing a game of political duck and cover claiming that he will wait until confirmation hearings conclude before announcing if he’d support Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination. It’s time Phil Bredesen put away his political weather vane and let voters know where he stands. Chuck Schumer did.

They continue, “If his interest in the confirmation hearings is earnest, then he should be up front with voters and let them know what questions he thinks should be asked of Judge Kavanaugh. He should also be honest with voters about what answers to those questions Judge Kavanaugh would need to have in order to win his support. What would make him break with national Democrats and support President Trump’s nominee?

It’s time Phil Bredesen stop reciting the same non-committal talking points, and let Tennessee voters know where he stands on Judge Kavanaugh and future Supreme Court nominees.”

For now at least, it seems Bredesen would prefer to remain silent, rather than risk alienating his liberal backers like Schumer and others.






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