President Donald Trump: Phil Bredesen ‘Is An Absolute Total Tool . . . of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi’

NASHVILLE, Tennessee–President Donald Trump took an ole hickory stick to former Gov. Phil Bredesen Tuesday night and the raucous crowd of more than 8,000 supporters jammed in to the Municipal Auditorium loved it.

You can see the transcript of the portion of the president’s talk that addressed Bredesen, the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party for the U.S. Senate seat from which Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) is retiring, here:

To keep this momentum going – to keep this incredible progress, to keep on winning, you have to vote Republican in November.

You see what’s happening with the Democrats!

So Marsha’s very liberal Democrat opponent Phil Bredesen – have you ever heard of this guy?

[BOOS] (at about the 1:30 min mark of the audio file below)

He’s an absolute, total tool [pause – audience starts cheering] of Chuck Schumer.

He’s a tool! Of Chuck Schumer and, of course, the MS-13 lover, Nancy Pelosi. (emphasis added)


She loves MS-13. Remember?

I said, ‘they’re animals’ and she said, ‘how dare you say that – HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT.’

Have you seen what they’ve done? Have you seen what they are doing to us?

And we’re taking them out of our country by the thousands. Out! Out! Get ’em out!


So Philbert was recruited by Schumer to run for the Senate. He had to get Pelosi’s approval – can you believe this?

And were Bredesen ever to get elected, he’d do what ever Chuck and Nancy – remember the term, “Chuck-and-Nancy.”

They don’t want the wall; they want open borders; they’re more interested in taking care of criminals that taking care of you.


Bredesen donated a lot of money to the campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Crooked Hillary.

[BOOS – shouts of ‘Lock her up!’]

So how do you like the fact that they had people infiltrting our campaign? Can you imagin that?


Can you imagine?

People infiltrating our campaign?!

Is there anybody in this big, beautiful arena, right now thats infiltrating our campaign? Would you please raise your hand? (That would take courage!)

Well, look – you take a look at what is going on. Never in the history of our country has something taken place like took place during this election.

In all fairness, I’m no fan of Crazy Bernie Sanders. I’m no fan.

But I want to tell you: He got screwed! He did.

He still doesn’t know what happened.


I saw him on television. (imitating Bernie) “I don’t know what happened!”

Me too. I thought he was winning. But it helped me because we were very, very cautious and we worked hard.

Many, many speeches a day. That last month of campaigning – and some of the polls got it right. But I’ll tell you what, I’d see the crowds – crowds like this. I’d go from one to another to another all over the country.

She’d go there. The only way she filled up the arena was to get Jay-Z.


And his language was so filthy, that it made me like the most clean-cut human being on earth.


He’s stand up there before thos crowds – and by the way, without any musical instruments – and I had much bigger crowds than he was drawing – but he’d stand up before those crowds and he’d use the F-word and Hillry would sit back and ‘Oooh, I’m in trouble – I’m in TROUBLE! Oh, please – don’t have him use that kind of language anymore!’

And then he’d finish and everyone would leave, and she’d be standing up making a speech in front of 400 people.

But Phil Bredesen supported her. And he supported her ideals.

He opposes the Border Wall. We need the Wall, we’re going to get the Wall, we’ve already started.


You can hear the full six minutes audio of Trump’s comments on Bredesen here:








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3 Thoughts to “President Donald Trump: Phil Bredesen ‘Is An Absolute Total Tool . . . of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi’”

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  3. Brian McMurphy

    Bredesen was a Mayor and two-term Governor even as the state turned red. He plays the centrist card well and doesn’t make thr goofball commie mistakes others will *cough, cough* Karl Dean.

    He fights you locally. Even recognizing an issue like the Asian Carp infestation that is ruining our rivers and lakes and where TWRA has failed completely.–real-problem

    No big city Republicans have even mentioned this. It is a big deal. Bredesen is a solid retail politician.

    They toy and taunt him at their peril. Marsha needs to get out of that ivory tower and talk to some fishermen in this state. Why do you think Lamar went in hard against the Army Corps trying to unilaterally restrict fishing within long distances from the dams?

    I like the red meat and namecalling too but there needs to be some steak with that sizzle.