Steve Gill Debunks Common Media Myths in Immigration Debate on News Channel 5’s ‘MorningLine’

Steve Gill

Tuesday on News Channel 5’s “MorningLine”, Conservative and Tennessee Star Political Editor, Steve Gill sat down with host Nick Beres to discuss immigration and the ongoing debate around it in America today.

The full ten minutes is worth a listen as Gill debunks many media myths circling around within the immigration debate.

“Part of the problem here …,” said Gill,” of the 12,000 children that have been put into federal custody over the last several months, 10,000 of them came alone. These are not 4 year-olds trekking from Honduras across the Mexican desert. These are 16, 17, and in many cases older than 18 young men who are claiming to be minors.”

Gill goes on to debunk other media myths, as well, along with media’s mostly ignoring serious issues of sex trafficking and child abuse linked directly to the same illegal border crossings media is, in essence, defending, while often covering up the more ugly side of same.








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