Tennessee Firearms Association Blisters Republican-led Legislature For ‘Pitiful’ 2nd Amendment Protections

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The recently ended legislative year in Nashville was “pitiful” in terms of protecting gun rights, a state firearms advocacy group says in a report.

The “Tennessee Firearms Association 2018 Legislative Report and Review” takes the Republican super-majority in the General Assembly to task on 15 new laws and/or amendments to existing laws.

“Based on their actions this year there is really no evidence that the Republican super-majority, as a whole, is a strong proponent and defender of those individual and personal rights which are recognized and protected by the 2nd Amendment and Article I, Section 26 of the Tennessee Constitution,” the report says.

That is despite 57 bills that were either introduced or were active after Jan. 1 of this year that “would have implemented changes that would have made Tennessee a much better state for the free exercise of our constitutionally protected rights.”

The Tennessee Firearms Association says those “good” bills that failed would, among other things, have:

  • Implemented constitutional carry;
  • Implemented permitless open carry;
  • Implemented the 2018 Second Amendment Protections Act (a significant rewrite of several existing laws) to bring them more in compliance with the 2nd Amendment’s prohibitions against government infringements. This includes a prohibition on local governments from refusing to rent public venues to groups related to the 2nd Amendment, firearms or hunting;
  • Removed all local regulation or posting of public parks and recreation facilities;
  • Allowed carry on school grounds;
  • And much more.

A list of all 15 public chapters with sponsor information and summaries that did pass can be viewed in this report.

The report says that, “Many of the legislators (like Speaker Beth Harwell) and the Republican governor who have been the problems over the last 8-10 years are not returning in their existing roles in 2019. Indeed, about 1/3 of the House of Representatives will likely change, a few Senate seats will change and, of course, there will be a new governor.”

The report provides a list of recommendations voters can follow to ensure they support pro-2nd Amendment candidates, such as looking for a documented voting or sponsorship history instead of accepting their word they support the right to bear arms.

Also, do not accept verbal assurances in speeches, meetings, or even emails. Insist that promises be written, signed by the candidate, clear, unequivocal, and specific.

Full details are online here.





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