The Battleground State Report Talks ‘Rise of the Socialist Dictator’ and How Florida Could Move to the Red Column

On Friday’s Battleground State Report with Steve Gill, Michael Patrick Leahy and Dough Kellett – a one hour radio show from Star News Digital Media in the early stages of a national weekend syndication rollout discussed the recent rise in socialist dictatorship in Venezuela which evidence has produced an obvious escalation of economic disaster and poverty and how Democrats in the USA could see this as a possible vote to the right.

Towards the end of the segment, Kellett described the differentiating degrees of both Democrats and Republicans based on their geographical demographics and how that could play out in the next election cycle.

Gill: And again when you look at why job growth may slow when they start looking at the cast of “socialism is good”. Looking at what’s happening in Venezuela and what others want to bring to the US that we’ve seen fail in Venezuela. If I’m a business owner I’m going, “Hey wait a minute! One of these nitwits may become President!”

Leahy: Yeah, let’s follow up on the Venezuela issue. The rise of the socialist dictators or the continued power and control of the socialist dictator Maduro in Venezuela. The utter collapse of that country economically. The rise of poverty. The struggles there are absolutely an example of what happens when you have socialism in a country. And yet, the Democrats are not strongly coming out in opposition to the Maduro regime, the socialist. Bernie Sanders won’t condemn him. You know who the leader in the country is? It’s obviously Donald Trump. Very strongly against the socialist dictatorship and that, has an electoral impact in Florida where you have a lot of heavy Cuban population and growing Hispanic population from Puerto Rico and Mexico in Florida. And Venezuelans as well. The stands of every Democrat on Venezuela is not helping at all in the Florida race for them and I think it’s moving Florida more and more into the Republican column.

Gill agreed with Leahy’s statement and further revealed that with Ron DeSantis narrowly winning the last election his approval rating is now growing alongside Rick Scott and poises Florida to make moves to the right like Ohio. He clarified that it was easier for Republicans to move further into the electoral column and that these two states in particular were are moving redder. Gill also sided with Kellett reinterating that Georgia is troublesome and that the thirty percent of African American vote makes a difference in the way that vote would be carried there. He added that with the recent imported liberals and from other places to North Carolina that people are seeing what Democrats do when they get in power. In closing he added that Michigan’s forty five cent gas tax increase isn’t helping coupled with the Washington chaos disaster, and policy messes, Democrats my wake up and say “no thank you.”

Kellett: Well and it’s as you guys are always pointing out as far as the Presidential election next time it all depends on who Donald Trump is running against, right? And right now I mean, if it’s just sort of a generic Democrat he might lose. But when you get to the specifics about who’s going run than everything becomes much more clear I think. And Florida yeah, I’m with you I think it should fall in the Republican category but we’ve seen it so close, so long…

Leahy: Yes.

Kellett: Cant’ take it for granted.

Leahy: Hanging chads, and Broward county doing crazy things with ballots.

Kellett: Well even when Trump won it was still nail-biting there for a long time, but you know…

Leahy: We’re likely to see that nail-biting in 2020 in several of these Battleground states and quite possibly we’ve talked about this before. California will again go heavily for the Democrtaic candidate whoever it is. We may see another situation where the Democrat wins the popular vote but loses the electoral college. But I’ll tell ya, it’s very fluid in this sense, the Democrats are so far left.

Kellett ended the segment describing the differences in degrees of being a Republican and a Democrat per state. Kellett concluded that through his travels has realized that perhaps a Colorado Republican is not the same as a Republican in Georgia or Tennessee.  He then added that a Democrat in North Carolina may not hold the same views as those that live in Florida.  Kellett went on to propose by extreme comparison that a  liberal in Florida may not be as far left as a liberal in New York City.  He concluded that a far left nomination will risk losing a lesser far-left Democrat in one of the other states.

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