Commentary: President Trump Can Use Political Pressure to Defeat the Biden Witch Hunt

by Josiah Lippincott


President Trump, as well as his base of tens of millions of supporters, need to prepare themselves for chaos in 2024. The witch hunt directed against President Trump and his supporters is a sign of the insanity and hysteria infecting the Democratic Party. No matter how the 2024 election turns out, it will be destabilizing for the country.

More importantly, Trump simply cannot trust the courts in any Democrat controlled state or the Biden regime’s Department of Injustice to treat him fairly. President Trump’s legal problems require political solutions.

Make no mistake, the law is on President Trump’s side. The prosecutions against the President are politically motivated and spurious. It is not necessary, or even useful, to discuss the specifics or legal theory behind those cases here. Trump has a powerful legal team. They know the law and they know their client is innocent.

But to the agents of the Biden regime, none of this matters. Trump’s popularity among voters is a sign, in the liberal mind, of how great a threat he poses to Our Democracy. They will beg, borrow, cheat, and steal to keep him from winning.

Let us assume President Trump isn’t thrown in prison, left-wing Secretaries of State allow him on the ballot, and the Democrats do not successfully “fortify” the election. In that situation, Donald Trump wins in 2024 in an electoral landslide. Even so, in that case, I believe we will see widespread political violence from the Left that will far surpass in size and scope the George Floyd riots of 2020.

The Left is deeply afraid of President Trump. They are also in charge of tremendous financial resources. The leadership of virtually every institution in American life from Wall Street to the woke military despises ordinary Americans and the MAGA movement. The Biden regime would be more than happy to sic their communist paramilitaries, like ANTIFA, on the heartland.

This is a dangerous possibility and one that all patriotic Americans need to be ready for.

If Biden claims another stolen election victory it will mean political repression orders of magnitude greater than what we are seeing now. If Trump wins, the entire American liberal establishment will go on the warpath.

President Trump and his team walk a narrow tight rope.

But they do have options. For one, the Trump campaign should start now by laying the groundwork for widespread pro-Trump rallies and protests if the President is unjustly imprisoned. The trucker rally in Canada is the model. At its height, the Canadian government nearly imploded in the face of this public pressure.

President Trump could easily capture that energy. But he shouldn’t just aim to motivate truckers. The American rail networks are even more vulnerable to a widespread strike. The rail companies treat their employees like serfs and the federal government won’t even allow them to strike for better wages. President Trump should start now by promising to support our tough and unheralded rail workers in receiving the wage increases, health benefits, and vacation days they deserve.

When the moment comes, if President Trump is thrown in jail by our corrupt regime or is denied his rightful election victory, the moment will be perfect for a strike. The Biden regime believes that by controlling the nation’s financial sectors and federal law enforcement agencies that they are all-powerful.

They need to be taught a lesson. A widespread coordinated rail strike and trucker protest could easily bring the nation’s economy to a screeching halt. America’s transport networks are a critical vulnerability for the Biden regime. Our leaders hate the people who work in these industries but also need them to keep showing up in order to keep the money flowing.

Any protest against the liberal totalitarians of the Biden regime comes with risks. Federal agents will attempt to infiltrate such protests to stage provocations and false flags. Organizers of such protest activity will be censored by the major social media companies at the behest of the deep state.

The federal government would be more than happy to throw pro-Trump protestors in prison or even use violence against them. In light of these considerations, patriotic Trump defenders should utilize the tactics of the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong against the Communist Party in China. These patriots should take measures to confuse facial recognition software and video recording and they should turn off cellular communication devices while protesting. They should also use cash instead of credit cards to pay for goods purchased in or around a protest.

Beyond encouraging protests and a transport strike, President Trump should also consider simply refusing to go along with these corrupt prosecutions. This is a high stakes option but it has the benefit of putting the Biden regime in an uncomfortable position. If President Trump refused to show up to court, decrying these legal prosecutions as illegitimate (which they are), he will force the deep state either to give up their witch hunt or to use force to make President Trump submit.

Are they really willing to take such a drastic step?

Liberals have the requisite malice but do they have the competence? That is a serious question. Would the Secret Service really turn on the man they are sworn to protect? Would Biden’s secret police really be willing to use force against the political opposition? Only a moment of testing will reveal the true answer but I believe the answer is no.

The courts are the deep state’s home turf but in the public realm, in front of cameras, it’s a different ball game. Biden and his hatchet men aren’t popular. Trump is. Therefore, Trump should always keep in mind that he does have the option to play his ace in the hole and refuse to participate in the legal farce directed against him.

President Trump’s team has yet another option available. The arrest of Trump’s supporters, especially in Michigan, has shown that liberals have reached a new level of frenetic hatred against the President. They need to be reminded that there are consequences to their radical actions. Pro-Trump governors in red states could do to Democrats what the Democrats are doing to Republicans in blue states.

Wyoming comes to mind as an ideal location for putting this strategy into practice. A number of wealthy Democratic donors and operatives make their homes in Wyoming, especially outside Jackson Hole. These power players should be made to understand that ongoing political prosecutions against patriotic Americans by the Democratic Party could mean problems for them personally. The idea that America’s liberal elites have never done anything that might put them in legal jeopardy themselves is ridiculous.

This strategy requires that mainstream Republican officials have the will to enforce the law and to punish their opponents for waging political warfare. The cowardice of the GOP leadership class, indeed, is a grave problem.

Of course, all of these political options come with risks but the ongoing witch hunt against President Trump has put them on the table. Each option is designed to put the Biden regime in a high stakes game of political chicken. Right now, the Left has had the space to misbehave without consequences. They censor, harass, and arrest their opponents at will. They haven’t yet faced serious political backlash. But they could. Even now, the Left fears that possibility.

President Trump has the political clout and popularity to force a reckoning with the swamp. Not only that, but he very well could win that challenge.

Making America Great Again won’t come without risks but they are risks worth taking for the sake of this wonderful country.

– – –

Josiah Lippincott is a contributor to American Greatness. 






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