Hunter Biden Traveled to at Least 13 Countries with Then-Vice President Father

by Eric Lendrum


New reports suggest that Hunter Biden traveled to as many as 13 different countries with his father Joe Biden while he was vice president during the Obama Administration.

As Fox News reports, video footage, messages, and Secret Service records obtained from Hunter’s abandoned laptop indicate that the two Bidens traveled together to such locations as Africa, Asia, Europe, and Mexico. At the time, Hunter was still leading the firm Rosemont Seneca Partners, which he used to broker many of his international business deals.

In one such instance in April of 2010, Hunter suggested that he and business partner Mark Doyle meet with state officials in Serbia. Hunter said that he could “catch a ride” with his father, whom he referred to with the initials “JRB,” while the vice president was on an official trip to Belgium and Spain.

“How about we go over around May 10th,” said Hunter in the email to Doyle. “JRB will be in Madrid and I can catch a ride with him and fly over to Serbia and back with you.”

Doyle responded by saying that “the Ambassador” – then-Serbian Ambassador to the United States Vladimir Petrovic – wanted to “start putting together a full day for you with [Serbian President Boris] Tadic and potential investors.”

The email exchange was then joined by Eric Schwerin, who was serving as president of Rosemont Seneca at the time. Schwerin said that “Hunter would like to try and get to Serbia right after going to Madrid with his Dad.” While Schwerin admitted that he didn’t have a “specific investment opportunity to pitch,” he wanted to talk “in general about Rosemont Seneca and the investment opportunities.”

This planned Serbia trip was one of several examples uncovered by Fox News, which further undermines Joe Biden’s repeated claims during the 2020 campaign that he never spoke with his son about his foreign business deals. Overwhelming evidence has since emerged all but proving that the elder Biden lied about his knowledge of Hunter’s business, as well as his own involvement in it. During recent closed-door testimony before Congress, Hunter’s former business partner Devon Archer swore that then-Vice President Biden was included on over 20 phone calls between Hunter and his foreign business associates.

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Eric Lendrum reports for American Greatness. 





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