Homicides Skyrocket in Dozens of Nation’s Largest Cities, Analysis Finds

Homicides in 50 of America’s largest cities rose by 24%, a new analysis found.

In total, 36 of 50 of America’s largest cities examined saw a double-digit rise in homicide rates, The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday. Austin and Chicago’s homicide rates have increased more than 50% in comparison to last year’s rates, according to the Journal.

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LGBT Activists Planning Wave of ‘Anti-Discrimination’ Ordinances Across Ohio

After striking out at the state level, LGBT activists are now working at the city level to pass “anti-discrimination” laws across the state. While the state’s largest cities – about 20 of them led by Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus – have over the last few years adopted so-called “anti-discrimination” ordinances…

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Why More Americans Are Moving to Smaller Cities

by Dora Mekouar   More Americans are moving to smaller cities in search of a better quality of life. They’re leaving places like Los Angeles, Chicago and New York for mid-sized cities such as Phoenix and Las Vegas, according to an analysis of data from the U.S. Census Bureau. A…

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