Cincinnati Ohio School Administrators Admit to Deceiving Parents and Teaching Critical Race Theory in Classrooms

Despite Republican State Senator Sandra O’Brien (R-Ashtabula) re-introducing the Parental Education Freedom Act to empower parents to be the primary decision-makers regarding where and what type of education their children receive, an undercover investigation has revealed that school administrators in Cincinnati, Ohio have admitted to covertly indoctrinating students with Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the classrooms. As part of Accuracy in Media’s investigation, numerous school administrators admitted that teachers are sneakily and covertly introducing CRT to their students unbeknownst to their parents and that they don’t plan to stop even if lawmakers pass legislation prohibiting this.

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Judge Throws Out Cincinnati Teachers Union Lawsuit to Halt In-Person Learning in Cincinnati Public Schools

The Cincinnati Federation of Teachers (CFT) filed an injunction in Hamilton County Municipal Court last Friday to stop Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) from conducting in-person learning.

The union, which represents 3,000 teachers, claims classroom learning is unsafe until all teachers have received both rounds of the COVID vaccine.  

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Cincinnati City Schools Poach Charter Students with Letter to Parents Falsely Claiming Charter School Will Be Closing

On June 27, 2019, Cincinnati City Schools penned a letter to parents of Southwest Ohio Preparatory School (SWOP), a charter within Cincinnati’s district boundaries. The letter stated, in part, “Southwest Ohio Preparatory School has announced the school will not reopen next school year. But there’s no need to worry because we have a seat waiting for your child at your neighborhood school.”

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