Commentary: America’s Gun Culture Cultivates Civic Virtue

by Aaron Tao   Many people are often surprised to learn that I am a gun owner and firm defender of the Second Amendment. After all, I, a first-generation Chinese-American immigrant, do not fit the stereotype of the typical American gun owner. Of all of America’s cherished freedoms, the natural and…

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Commentary: A Great Civic Awakening to America’s ‘Founding Virtues’

by Annie Holmquist   When it comes to the direction of society Americans (surprisingly) agree: things are not getting better. That’s the conclusion one quickly draws from a recent Pew Research report which asks what America will look like in 2050. As the chart below shows, Americans think the country will be less…

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Commentary: Parents, Smart Government Requires Teaching Children Civics

high school students

by Brad Johnson   In the fall of 2012, I excitedly began my senior year government class. I was about to sit through a course on our system of government while also watching it play out right before my eyes on its biggest stage during the 2012 election. Much to…

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