Commentary: America’s Radical Criminal Justice Reform Disaster

Over the past decade or so, America has undertaken a radical experiment with criminal justice reform. The consequences have been devastating.

The number of people arrested in America each year has fallen sharply over the past two decades. Public prosecutors now prosecute significantly fewer cases. Those that are convicted can generally expect shorter sentences. The combined effect of all this is that America’s prison population is now 25 percent lower than it was in 2011.

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Commentary: San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s Recall Shows How the Criminal Justice Reform Movement Doesn’t Work

Two and a half years ago, pre-COVID and before surging crime and fentanyl overdoses gripped San Francisco, District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s left-wing lineage seemed a perfect fit for the liberal bastion by the bay.

Likewise, California Rep. Karen Bass was a barometer of Los Angeles’ transformation into a sprawling progressive metropolis. A former Congressional Black Caucus chairwoman, Bass was a top contender to become Joe Biden’s running mate in 2020 and was considered a likely contender for a statewide office.

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Ohio House Democrats Introduce Three More Bills Focused on Reforming the State’s Law Enforcement Conduct

Ohio House Democrats introduced three new pieces of legislation Thursday aimed at reforming police officer conduct in the state.

With the addition of these three new proposals, House Democrats have introduced four pieces of legislation this week that focused on police conduct and procedures. House Bill 706, the first bill the Democrats introduced on Tuesday, focused on implementing more training for state law enforcement.

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Ohio House Democrats Introduce Criminal Justice Reform Bill That Would Require More Training for Law Enforcement

Ohio House Democrats introduced a bill Wednesday that seeks to implement more training for state law enforcement officers.

In House Bill 706, whose primary sponsors are state Reps. Erica C. Crawley (D-Columbus) and Thomas West (D-Canton), would require police to undergo training in de-escalation techniques, mental health issues, implicit bias.

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‘Raise the Age’ Bill Passes Michigan Senate Committee

A bill that would place 17-year-olds in the juvenile justice system instead of the adult criminal court system, barring heinous crimes, passed the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety on Thursday. The Raise the Age bill is sponsored by Sen. Peter Lucido, R-Shelby Township.

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Florida Gov. DeSantis Asks Supreme Court to Define ‘Completion of Sentence’ in Felon-Voting Dispute

Gov. Ron DeSantis wants the Florida Supreme Court to issue an advisory opinion on whether convicted felons must pay all fines and fees before their voting rights are restored under Amendment 4, the November 2018 ballot measure approved by 64.5 percent of state voters.

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Kim Kardashian Steps in to Help Ohio Inmate Serving Life Sentence

  Kim Kardashian West is spreading the word about Kevin Keith, an Ohio inmate serving a life sentence at Marion Correctional Institution for a 1994 triple homicide. His supporters, however, believe he’s innocent and are in the process of creating a documentary to prove their case. “I heard about Kevin…

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Reclassifying Low-Level Drug Offenses Could Save Ohio Nearly $33 Million a Year

by Todd DeFeo   A bill to reclassify some low-level drug offenses from felonies to misdemeanors aims to give Ohioans a chance at staying out of prison, but it could have the added benefit of saving the state money. Proponents of Senate Bill 3, which is pending before the Senate…

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Ohio House Considers Bipartisan Bill to Expand Access to Treatment in Lieu of Convictions

  The Ohio House is considering a bipartisan bill that would make it easier for non-violent offenders to receive treatment for drug addiction in lieu of a criminal conviction. The legislation, House Bill 1, was proposed May 21 as part of a package of bipartisan bills. “The goal is to…

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Ten Laws That Spell Major Changes for Ohio in 2019

In terms of legislation, 2018 may be considered one of Ohio’s most impactful years in recent history. From the approval of the first medicinal marijuana dispensary to new abortion limitations, 2019 will see a dramatic change for many Ohioans. Compiled below are ten of the most significant changes coming to the…

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Issue 1 May Be Dead But Lawmakers Have New Plan to Reform Ohio’s Drug-Sentencing Laws

Voters didn’t just reject Issue 1 in Tuesday’s election, they crushed it, with 63 percent voting against the ballot measure that sought to convert most drug-possession charges from felonies to misdemeanors, and remove the option of jail time from a judge’s list of sentencing options. But, according to a report in…

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