Kent State ‘Gun Girl’ Moving Forward with Open-Carry Walk Through Campus on Saturday

  Her name is Kaitlin Bennett, otherwise known as the “Kent State gun girl.” You might also think of her as the anti-David Hogg. She supports the Second Amendment and is holding an Open Carry Walk through the Kent State campus on Saturday, Sept. 29. The event was initially planned…

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New Book ‘#DUPED’ Shoots Down All Of Hogg’s Rhetoric

Mark W. Smith, David Hogg

by Molly Prince   Constitutional lawyer and New York Times best-selling author Mark Smith combats David Hogg’s rhetoric in his latest book, “#Duped,” which serves as a response to the newly-minted gun-control activist and Parkland graduate’s recently released book, “#NeverAgain.” Smith exposes the left’s celebration and exploitation of students in order…

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