Former Rep Don Young on Left-Wing Special Interests’ Weaponization of the Endangered Species Act: ‘It Was Never for Grass … and Flies’

Representative Don Young (R-Alaska), the last remaining member of Congress who voted for the ESA has said, “The Endangered Species Act (ESA) has been weaponized and misused by environmental groups for too long.” The law passed overwhelmingly, but according to Young, “You have to understand when we had this act before us … we were told it was to save leopards and other species, it was never for grass … and flies, and snails, and turtles…”

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Ohio Think Tank Recommends Politicians End ‘Education by Zip Code’ and Go For Real Reform

Greg Lawson

Ohio needs to radically reform its public education, but it will never happen as long as taxpayers continue to “fund the system” instead of the individual students, says a researcher/writer with the free-market Buckeye Institute. Greg R. Lawson, a fellow at the Columbus-based nonprofit think tank and author of Education…

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