University Told Student Groups Not to Gather, but Allowed Black Lives Matter Protest

A free-speech group has repeatedly warned the University of South Florida about the unfairness and unconstitutionality of its coronavirus guidelines.

The Southeastern Legal Foundation has now sent three letters to the public university in Florida, warning it about problems with both its approaches to student gatherings and coronavirus tracking and reporting.

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Trump Activists Mobbed on Ohio University Campus While Officers Watched

Two conservative activists were mobbed and harassed Monday on Ohio University’s Athens campus while multiple police officers watched.

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Kent State ‘Gun Girl’ Moving Forward with Open-Carry Walk Through Campus on Saturday

  Her name is Kaitlin Bennett, otherwise known as the “Kent State gun girl.” You might also think of her as the anti-David Hogg. She supports the Second Amendment and is holding an Open Carry Walk through the Kent State campus on Saturday, Sept. 29. The event was initially planned…

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