Courts Suspend Trial Lawyer’s License Trying to Extort Billions From Chevron

by Tim Pearce   The D.C. Court of Appeals stripped Steven R. Donziger of his license to practice law in D.C. Sept. 14, leaving him unable to practice law anywhere in the U.S., Legal News Line reports. Donziger led a lawsuit against the oil and gas company Chevron for allegedly causing environmental…

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JC Bowman Commentary: Teachers Are Going, Going….Gone


JC Bowman writes: “Teacher turnover will eventually lead to a teacher shortage, if the supply of new teachers via traditional or alternative routes cannot keep up with the demand. Research indicates that high rates of turnover harm student achievement in schools and districts.”

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Conservatives Team Up with Immigrants to Tackle Costly New Jersey ‘Hair Braiding’ Regulation

hair braiding

by Elias Atienza   The New Jersey state chapter of Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is helping West African immigrants lobby the New Jersey legislature to change cosmetology requirements. West African immigrants, usually women, operate hair-braiding businesses that are essentially illegal, since state regulations require these workers to get a license, WNYC reported Monday.…

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