Paduchik Gavels Short Unruly Ohio GOP Central Committee Meeting; Two Resolutions Left Unaddressed

The Ohio Republican Party chairman gaveled shut the December 3 meeting of the Ohio Republican Party Central Committee held at the Nationwide Conference and Hotel Center here roughly 90 minutes in, leaving two resolutions unaddressed on the agenda.

“We are taking a recess until the hall is cleared,” said Robert A. Paduchik, who took over leadership of the state party from Jane E. Timken in February, shortly after 11:30 a.m., after members of the committee complained that individuals in the public gallery participated in voice votes.

The public gallery had two dozen chairs in a roped-off section in the back of the room for the roughly 100 people who showed up for the open to the public meeting. A handful of protesters held signs and during the meeting and burst into applause or cheers.

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Critics Say Ohio GOP Chair Jane Timken Shows Lack of Support for Conservative Women

  Ohio Republican Party Chair Jane Timken has some members concerned that she has a “woman problem.” Evidence shows she consistently supports male candidates in lieu of those viewed as strong, conservative females. Lately she has also shown she is more likely to be soft with elected Republican men who…

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Liberty Township Petitioners May Have Attempted to Get Trustees to Violate Law While Offering ‘Dismissal Agreement’

Embattled Liberty Township Trustees Melanie Leneghan and Mike Gemperline were forced into court by a group of angry residents. Leneghan suggested in her announcement of the dismissal of the lawsuit that the group, Save Our Services (SOS), attempted to obtain certain agreements from the two trustees in order for them to dismiss the case, and those “agreements” may have violated the law.

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Is Legal Action Against Conservative Liberty Township Trustees a Democrat Op?

DELAWARE, Ohio — Two trustees from Liberty Township found themselves on trial in a Delaware County courthouse Tuesday for exploring ways to improve services for residents while increasing the amount of money the country reimburses them for EMS (emergency medical services). Mike Gemperline, one of the trustees, was there in person while Melanie Leneghan was on a pre-planned vacation with her family out-of-state. Their attorney, Brandon Abshier, in his opening statement, said that the courtroom was not the appropriate venue to discuss policy disagreements – the ballot box is.

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Ohio’s Delaware County Trustees Under Fire Over Claims About Emergency Services Outsourcing

  Two of the three Liberty Township Trustees in Delaware County are under fire from a group of local residents. Several thousand have signed petitions to try to remove Melanie Leneghan and Mike Gemperline from office. The petitions were delivered to Delaware County Common Pleas Court Judge David Gormley on…

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